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Why do Freshers Dont Get jobs? Why Entry Level Freshers Job Ask For Experience?

When you apply for an entry-level job, most of the time the experience required will be mentioned as 0-2 years or 0-3 years. In such situations, Fresh graduates are left baffled about whether this job is really for freshers or not. Why experience is mentioned? Will they get selected if they apply? Many such questions we often get from our students & subscribers. Now the experience range may sound unrealistic but there are several reasons behind it. Let’s dive in-depth into this topic & understand Why Entry Level Freshers’ Job Ask For Experience? The reasons behind it! Why do Freshers Dont Get jobs? And How To Get The Job As A Fresher?

Employers & HR Teams of Biopharma companies often look for candidates who have the right skill set, matching the job profile. They do not want to hire the wrong candidate & do babysitting explaining the job from A-Z. They look for graduates who have some kind of experience or expertise in terms of the key skills mentioned in the job profile.

For eg – If Cipla is hiring freshers for Cell Biology Analyst Post

, the HR team will look for skills like an Internship or some certification courses related to Cell biology or requirements mentioned in the Job profile in your CV. They also check Whether you had cell biology as a specialization in your master’s or bachelor’s. It gives an impression to the recruiter that you are well versed with the topic and will be able to handle the chores efficiently with little or no guidance. Accordingly further shortlisting is done.

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Why mention the Experience range as 0-3 years in the job profile? Why not mention it as a Freshers Job with 0 years of experience.

The answer to this question is, that they want CVs from all categories of candidates so that they have more options and they can shortlist the best profiles and call for interviews. Most of the time the Fresher’s CV they get will be bland with no highlighted skills. To be on the safer side the Biopharma companies follow this format of mentioning the Job experience required.

Sometimes, it is also a fault of the platform where the job has been posted. While posting a job the HR team member will have to select experience criteria from pre-filled categories like 0-1 yr, 0-2 yr, 0-3 yr, 1-3 yr, and so on. So even if the job is not meant for freshers and needs some experience the person will have to select 0-1 yr 0r 0-2 years as options. And this is where it gives an impression to candidates that it’s a fresher’s job, while it’s not. They apply for the job and wait for selection, but all goes in vain. Job notifications that come in the form of PDF or Doc have zero chance of this error unless there is a human error/typing error.

Skill Gap & Mismatch

In a survey, it has been found that most companies in India think fresh graduates are not skilled enough to get into the industry as they lack practical, applicatory knowledge. On the other hand, almost 70% of fresh graduates think, they are skilled enough and well prepared to enter the industry. This Mismatch, inconsistency & difference in beliefs is what leads to the unemployment of fresh graduates.

Who is right? The companies or the fresh graduates?

Companies are afraid of hiring people who haven’t already proved at someplace that they can do the job, due to the high risks of a bad hire and jeopardizing the existing workflow in the project or the company.

Fresh Graduates on the other hand are unaware of the demand for skill sets needed in the industry, as they are busy preparing for the university exams because the degree depends on it. But the same degree alone is not able to fetch them a job. It is said that the Indian Universities and the education system are at fault here right from school to college. They have rigorous syllabi that are outdated and lack practical – applicatory knowledge. Applied learning techniques are not being followed in the education system thus resulting in the skill gap, which is leading to unemployment of freshers. This to some extent explains Why do Freshers Dont Get jobs!

Being a Fresher what should you do? 

  1. Study the Job Market & Acquire Skills in Demand

The first and foremost task of freshers must be to study the job market. Analyze what kind of jobs are posted by companies and acquire skills needed accordingly. No need to go anywhere for that, just visit our job section for all the latest job updates. The key here is to bridge the skill gap and be Industry Job ready. Technology is everywhere and you being digitally literate with access to the Internet, laptops, or mobile phones can easily gain the right knowledge, the right skill, from the right platform and be Job ready.

2. Gain Work Experience During Your Degree Studies.

Many will say that’s not possible. But it is possible and many students do it too. Join some Online writing work for some company as a freelancer or do some part-time work on the weekends in Research Labs or diagnostics as a volunteer. But remember to ask for a work experience letter or some kind of recommendation at the end and mention it in your CV. It will an idea to the recruiter about your work commitment and the knowledge you gained while studying. There are students who work with Biotecnika part-time just for experience in order to understand how the industry works and be job-ready.

3. Make Your CV stand out from the crowd

Most of the time, a fresher’s CV looks like a mere portrayal of your Name & Qualification. Many CVs which we receive will just have Name, Address Phone No, Two-three columns mentioning about the degrees earned and free conference & webinars attended, thats it. Such kinds of CVs will get rejected for sure, even if your marks or grades are high. Read the below article to learn how to make a smart CV.

7 Expert Tips on How to Write a Killer Resume

4. Work on Your Soft Skills

It’s not just the subjective skills that the recruiters look at. In fact, more weightage is given to Soft skills while hiring these days, as these skills cannot be replaced by AI or software. Work on Your soft skills & Highlight them well in your CV. Some Soft skills that can be worked upon are Interpersonal skills, Communication Skills, Time Management Skills, Analytical Skills, the Ability to work in a Team, Leadership Skills, Problem Solving Skills, and many more. Working on your soft skills will not only help your CV stand out but will also help you perform better in various other aspects like Job Interviews, meetings & Presentations, Public Speaking, and much more. Soft skills are going to be your friend for a lifetime.

5. Balance Your Theoretical & Practical Knowledge

Raahi was extremely good at theories but she didn’t get exposure to practicals much whereas Shivam was able to join an internship at a lab, wherein he was doing practicals, but he was not so good at recalling concepts behind those practicals. Neither Raahi nor Shivam were able to get their desired job as one lacked practical knowledge & other did not have clear concepts. Raahi had to leave her job after working for 2 weeks as she was not able to apply her knowledge practically & Shivam on other hand did not get a job at all because he did not pass through interviews where conceptual questions were asked.

The lesson to be learned is to Balance Your Theoretical & Practical Knowledge well. If you are good at theories, strengthen your practical applicatory knowledge next by doing some hands-on internships and vice versa.

Check out various industry-oriented certification courses offered by biotecnika, which will help you strengthen your concepts & basics for a better application while performing hands-on.

6. Apply For Right Jobs at the Right Time

This is a very crucial point. One of the main reasons Why Freshers Dont Get Job? Be agile & flexible while applying for any job as a fresher. Be flexible with job location, work timings & salary. It is indeed difficult to go to a new city for a job leaving the comfort of your hometown, but thats the price you have to pay to move ahead in your career faster. Dont be adamant about work timings & negotiate salaries, your prime aim now should be to gain work experience.

Be an active job seeker and keep an eye on the latest jobs that interest you. Applying for any vacancy just before the deadline, will never get you the job.  You need to understand that The competition is huge, and he who runs fast but in a strategic manner will win the race.

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