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Computational Biology Career & Future – Career Guidance Webinar Biotecnika

Computational Biology – Words when we read, our mind drifts off to “oh this is something complicated.” “Not for me.” “Computers yikes.

Gone are the days when computer science and biology were seen as two distinct fields. It was either one or the other. But with the kind of development technology is making, we should have seen it coming. Computational Biology was the most natural progression that was meant to happen.

If you have been following Biotecnika for the past few years, especially during the pandemic, you would have seen and observed an influx of the requirement of Bioinformaticians. Bioinformatics has suddenly gained prominence in the past few years, with the pandemic just accelerating its demand. Close behind bioinformatics is none other than computational biology.

Any bioinformatics job posting will have computational biology as a possible eligibility criterion too. This in itself is an obvious hint that it’s a field not to be ignored, but explored. But most of us are unaware of the possibilities beyond Bioinformatics as well.

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It’s cool these days to dabble in computers and what’s more, it’s even better if

you could use it in your current research as well. Learning how to apply computer applications in biology will not only open up a world of possibilities but it has the potential to lead to discovering something cutting edge.

As Mr. Shekhar Suman says, you have to go beyond the edge to become cutting edge and computational biology is the obvious choice. So join Biotecnika’s Experts Mrs. Urmimala Ray and Dr. Farhan Zameer as they take you along on Computational Biology Future Scope. Use this webinar to plan your career and achieve success.

The Agenda of the webinar – Join Mr. Shekhar Suman and Biotecnika Experts in this LIVE webinar which will you a peek into what the future of computational biology will look like. Times are changing and technology is ever-evolving, and timing is everything. Consider this an opportune moment to expand your horizons with regard to your career. Computational Biology Career.

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Webinar Details

  • Date – 12th May 2022
  • Day of Webinar – Thursday
  • Time – 7 pm
  • Duration – 60 mins
  • Speakers – Mr. Shekhar Suman, Biotecnika Experts Mrs. Urmimala Ray & Dr. Farhan Zameer
  • Venue – Biotecnika YouTube Channel

Who should attend this future aware webinar?

  • All the curious cats of biosciences are encouraged to attend. Whether you are from a BSc, BTech, MSc, MTech, PhD or postdoc background. This webinar will benefit you all the same.
  • Biosciences enthusiasts and professionals are always welcome to attend the webinars and have an understanding of how the academic and industrial space will be changing in the near future.


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