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Study For Long Tips – How to Study For Competitive Exams?

Good day to all the Biotecnika subscribers. In today’s video Mr Shekhar Suman will teach how you can study for long tips, how you can scientifically and logically study for 13-15 hours a day without getting burnt out.

We will discuss how you can study effectively for any competitive exam. We will demonstrate all the tips and tricks in this video.

This video will make you think logically, we don’t believe in spoon-feeding. The real world is different out there, no one is going to hold your hands and help you always, you need to help yourself. So we will give you some practical tips and tricks which will get you in the habit of depending on yourself to ace your exams.

First things first – Don’t compare yourself with anyone else. You are the one writing the exam, so you need to focus on yourself. Ensure that you are doing the best you can since you are facing the examination alone and by yourself.

Let’s get started

The normal behaviour of human beings is to procrastinate. We always love to stay in our comfort zone. But you achieve

success once you step out of your comfort zone. Yes, other factors like anxiety, fear and pressure also contribute to abysmal performances, hence you should find smart ways to get started with your preparation.


An oft used technique – but use it with a combo of technology. For e.g.,

Step 1 – Set a timer of 45 mins with Alexa

Step 2 – Start learning a concept or reading from a book for those 45 mins.

Step 3 – Once the alarm rings, put down your study material and take a break for 4 to 5 mins. You can relax by listening to a song. Then get back to study and restart from step 1.

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Either make your own notes or save time by making notes on already purchased reference books. This way you can have the reference books with your own version of notes in the margins or on sticky notes which will help you recall concepts.


Human tendency is to get distracted. All you need is a 45 minute stretch of studies coupled with short breaks of 5 mins in between. Even if you think you will lose your flow, don’t skip on the 5 minute breaks, becasue if you carry on for more than 45 minutes, then chances are higher of a burn out.

So help you focus without any distractions like your phone – choose the DO NOT DISTURB mode on your phone. This ensures that you get no notifications for the time you are studying and hence no temptations and distractions.


Everyone has the capacity and energy to do all the hardwork in the world, but if you don’t have a direction then what’s the use of utizing so much of your energy? So another Study For Long Tips is follow Biotecnika. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and lost looking at the vast syllabus of the competitive exams, but as an Industry Leader – BioTecNika can help. We are going to cover you for the next 1.5 years!

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Depends on whether you are a morning person or night owl. Both have their pros and cons, but word of caution to the night owls – don’t stress your body just because you can manage to stay up late – because this messes with your circadian rythm which then takes a long time to reset.

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So we hope this video that illustrated Study For Long Tips – How to Study For Competitive Exams? was helpful to all of you. For more such video stay tuned to Biotecnika.

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