Qualify GATE Exam In First Attempt
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Qualify GATE Biotech / GATE Life Science Exam (GATE BT & GATE XL ) In The First Attempt

The GATE Exam is a gateway for all those engineering aspirants to pursue postgraduate or direct doctoral programs at well-established institutions like the IITs or the NITs in engineering or science with scholarships and assistantships from the government. It is a highly competitive exam. Lakhs of engineering graduates appear for this exam annually, and year by year, this number increases. In order to qualify GATE Exam In The First Attempt, you must follow some smart tips and tricks while preparing for the GATE Biotech or GATE Life Science exam.

GATE exam gives qualified candidates access to the major in Engineering / Architecture / Technology / Arts and Science etc. The GATE qualification is compulsory for admission to various educational institutions. Also, many PSUs use GATE scores for their recruitment. In this article, we’ll go over the tips for qualifying for the GATE exam on your first attempt.

Qualify GATE Exam In First AttemptKnow the GATE Biotech / GATE Life Science Syllabus

The first step in your GATE preparation is – knowing the syllabus. Understand the GATE BT / GATE Biotech Syllabus or the GATE Life Science / GATE XL Syllabus as per the subjects you have chosen. The questions in GATE are based on knowledge gained during your graduation, and you are examined based on them. You only need to focus on the prescribed GATE syllabus despite the vast program of the Engineering Exams. Also, check the most important topics having high weightage. With a correct idea of the syllabus, you can know what needs to be followed and what not and Qualify GATE Exam On First Attempt.

Know the GATE Exam Pattern 

Understanding the GATE exam pattern will definitely help to crack the exam on the first attempt. The GATE exam consists of 65 questions of 100 marks. The question paper consists of MCQs and numerical answer types questions. The questions range from general aptitude, engineering mathematics, and subject-specific sections. General aptitude and engineering mathematics carry about 15% each, and the technical section carries the remaining 70%.

Have a Proper Timetable For GATE Preparation and Adhere To It

Once you are clear with the GATE BT & GATE XL syllabus, the next step is to start preparing GATE with a proper study plan. Without a proper study plan, Qualifying GATE Exam In First Attempt is very difficult. An appropriate study plan allows you to monitor your progress on a consistent daily, weekly and monthly basis, keeps you well organized and focused, and gives you an idea of ​​the direction to achieve your goals and objectives.

To crack any exam, including GATE, you must have a proper timetable. The GATE exam has a reasonably extensive syllabus, and the students should have a deep understanding of the concept of the four-year program. It is quite a tedious task to cover the entire GATE syllabus. Therefore, it becomes imperative that you begin your preparation at the earliest. Make a proper timetable based on the time in hand so that you can cover the syllabus in time. Plan your schedule on a weekly basis and make sure you cover it on time. It is recommended that you give sufficient time for revision and practice. This will help you remember what you have studied and thus increase the chances of your success in the exam.

Qualify GATE Exam In First Attempt

Set your Goals For GATE Exam

Plan your goals or schedule on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. In the course of planning, take into account how you will cover the whole syllabus with regular revisions, mock test / solving previous year’s papers, adequate sleep, and enough breaks. Don’t set unrealistic goals or targets because it will lead to frustration and distress and affect your next day’s performance.

Set your Target Score

A targeted approach to GATE can be a good strategy instead of just heading along with the wave! It’s not sufficient to just pass the GATE or PSU cutoff. To get your dream job or to join top institutes, you need to secure a very good rank. It is therefore advisable to keep an overall target range in mind so that you prepare accordingly to achieve the rank in GATE for PSU or post-grad in the first attempt itself.

Qualify GATE Exam In First AttemptChoose the best study materials For GATE Biotech & GATE Life Science

A significant part of exam preparation revolves around the study material. It is important to do thorough research and to choose the best study material before you even start preparing for GATE. You can prepare from undergraduate textbooks, online video lectures, course materials, etc. In some cases, you may find difficult topics to understand from the textbooks; in such cases, you can use online classes or take help from videos from experts to understand the difficult topics. Make sure that you are circumscribed to the syllabus and not deviated.

Biotecnika along with CSIR NET has been coaching Aspirants to qualify for GATE BT & GATE XL exams for the past 15 years, with an excellent track record. You can always opt for GATE Biotech & GATE Life Science study materials by Biotecnika or even opt for GATE Biotech Online Coaching Classes to Qualify GATE Exam In First Attempt.

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Start your preparation as earlier as possible For the GATE 2023 Exam

A most important point to remember if you want to Qualify GATE Exam In First Attempt. Start preparing for GATE Biotech or GATE Life Science Exam as early as possible by spending more time clearing your basic concepts and on your weakness. An early start always has the benefit of getting more time to complete as well as revise the curriculum. Occasionally, due to lack of time, students may skip one or two topics that may be asked in the exam, resulting in lower scores. So, starting early would be an excellent decision to take.

Qualify GATE Exam In First AttemptSegregate the subjects according to your preference

The difficulty level of every section in the GATE Exam varies. It is always desirable to start with the easier topics and slowly move to the hard ones. This will help you in grasping both the easy and the difficult Topics in due course of time with practice.

Ascertain your weaknesses and strengths to improve GATE preparation

After preparing a GATE study plan, next comes the time to discover your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing one subject well doesn’t certainly mean that you are good at other subjects as well.

In that case, you need to concentrate on determining your strength and weakness so that you can focus more on your weak areas to score better. By building on your strengths and overcoming your weaknesses, you can easily crack the GATE exam with a good score in your first attempt itself.

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Have a track of the previous year’s cutoffs

The rank in the GATE exam determines whether you are eligible to join IIT or a PSU job. So to achieve your dream, you must be familiar with previous years’ statistics, including the cutoff and maximum marks scored. This will help you meet your target score and secure your dream job in a PSU or admission to the IITs.

Join a Good GATE Coaching Institute To Qualify GATE Exam In First Attempt

The GATE Coaching centers play a vital role in your exam preparation and increase your chances of cracking the exam. You will be tutored and guided by experts with years of experience. In addition, you will also receive various other resources such as study materials, test series, etc. The study materials are designed to cover the entire curriculum, so you don’t need to look for any other resources. The test series will also help you check your progress and make sure you’re on the right path. We at Biotecnika provide all these. Check what our GATE Rank 4 Topper Ali Aktara has to say about Biotecnika’s GATE Biotech & GATE Life Science Coaching Classes.

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Qualify GATE Exam In First AttemptMake short Notes For GATE Exam while studying

Study notes reflect your preparation throughout the year and help you remember information faster. It is recommended to regularly prepare notes while studying for GATE Biotech Exam & GATE Life Science, as this will aid you in your preparation in the later stage. It will also prevent you from getting sidetracked. These notes become very much helpful during your final revisions right before the exam.

Qualify GATE Exam In First Attempt

Qualify GATE Exam In First AttemptRevision is a must

When it comes to the GATE Biotech & GATE Life Science exam – Revision is of high importance! All topics should be revised at least twice; however, the more revision better would be the results. Generally, most students leave the revision process for the last few days or weeks, but this is a very wrong approach. You must regularly revise whatever you study so that you know how well you have prepared. The level of revision significantly impacts your final results in the GATE exam.

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Clarify your doubts as soon as possible

It is obvious to have doubts while preparing for any exam. Ask your teachers, experts, or friends and clear all your doubts as soon as possible. It’s not a good idea to wait until the last moment to clear your doubts; better get your doubts cleared well before the exam.

Qualify GATE Exam In First AttemptSolve Previous Years Question Papers

Solving previous year’s question papers helps students to evaluate their performance and help them prepare better for their exams. It also helps to develop your time management skills during exams. There are several sources available to help you track your exam preparation. It can also help you understand concepts and pinpoint your weaknesses. It is recommended that you solve the previous year’s papers more and more often in order to improve your expertise in the exams and boost confidence. This should be done regularly to solve more questions in less time and get higher scores, thus increasing your chances of success in the exams.

Test your preparation with GATE BT & GATE XL Mock Tests

It is necessary that you know how you are advancing in your exam preparation. It is recommended that you take mock tests regularly in an exam-like environment to test your preparation and identify your weak areas. You can also test the speed and accuracy. You can conclude if your speed or precision is to be worked out on the basis of your result in Mock tests. Various online mock tests are available nowadays, which you can attend at the convenience of your home. Choose the best ones and check your preparation level.

Don’t Break the Flow

Most students have a great start but stumble in the later stage. It is vital to maintain the same energy for preparation for several months. There has to be consistency, and you have to make a consistent effort from start to finish. If you are consistent in your studies, you won’t have much workload and have a better chance of getting better results. Always remember to learn the best you can and not overwork yourself. It will only lead to anxiety and negatively affect your studies. Have a good strategy and adhere to it.

Stay stress-free

The level of your anxiety is a factor that can affect exam performance. Getting nervous before the exam can be one of the biggest hurdles in your exam preparation. Make yourself calm and stress-free before the exam. Proper preparation, revision, and mock test can help you keep your stress at bay.

Qualify GATE Exam In First AttemptStay Healthy

‘Health is a priceless wealth’ – a very popular phrase with a profound meaning. When preparing for GATE BT or GATE XL or any other exam, a student should never neglect his or her health. Eat healthy foods, but be careful not to make you sleepy or distracted by heavy foods. Get enough sleep, take breaks between preparations, work towards your goal by trying your best, and stay away from stress.

Qualify GATE Exam In First AttemptBe Positive

It is important to maintain a positive attitude. Don’t let others discourage you. Have confidence in yourself! Don’t overstress yourself to the point of exhaustion. While studying for the GATE exam, take regular breaks and try to have fun in between – However, don’t overdo it.

We hope that the above tips will help you crack the GATE Biotech & GATE Life Science exam on the first attempt itself. We wish you all the best!