How To Become a CSIR NET Topper
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How To Become a CSIR NET Topper – 10 Rules Of SUCCESS In CSIR NET Life Science

Ultimate Tips To Top NET 2022 In Short Time

When we life science students advance up the academic ladder, we frequently encounter a common question from our peers -” Hey, what’s your next plan? Gearing up for CSIR NET? And your answer also comes out as “Yes, Of Course!”. But are you sure that you aspire to be a researcher? Have you ever questioned yourself- Why you wanted to be a researcher or scientist? And why is that your dream? So I must say, my dear students, before you gear up for this prestigious examination, try to find out the answer to these questions – why do you want to choose this domain as your career?

If you are on a mission to qualify CSIR NET 2022 Exam? Then you must go through this article.

CSIR-NET exam is the stepping stone to your ambitions. CSIR NET entrance exam is the most prestigious and recognized national level exam at present for any Ph.D. aspirant or lectureship-seeking individuals in the field of Life Science. With the main ingredients being intense dedication and properly channelized guidance, clearing this exam also requires a pinch of passion, a positive attitude, and intelligent work.

Now let’s now focus on the preparation strategy for the CSIR NET Life Science exam. Here are some golden tips to top NET 2022 in a short time.

  1. Making A Smart Syllabus: It is vital to be acquainted with the entire syllabus before beginning the exam preparation. Make sure you are familiar with the CSIR NET Life Science Syllabus and Exam Pattern. Avoid sitting idle and waiting for the moment at the drop of a hat. Aspirants should divide each section to understand the weightage of each unit and crucial sections. Jotting down the important points and concentrating on the sections that are not included in your academic syllabus is a wise plan of action and one of the best means to top NET 2022 in a short time. Make a separate list of topics that you find easy and difficult. Later, you can compare these important topics to your own strengths and weaknesses to determine where you need to put the most effort to increase your chances of passing this exam. Candidates should check the questions asked from each section in the previous NET exam. This will help students know the important topics to be focussed upon.
  2. Prepare & Follow Smart Study Plan: Preparing a proper study plan for NET is of utmost importance. Making a crisp routine will help you reach your goals in the shortest possible time. The chronology of learning is very crucial, and making notes is very beneficial for your preparation as well for topping NET 2022 in a short time. Make your own notes and don’t depend on your friends for doing that. The notes should be full of pointers, flow charts, and comparative tables. Create your own mnemonics. For example, Loligo, Octopus, Sepia (LOS) could be used for mollusks without the larval stage, as it’s a ‘loss’ for mollusks. We often find it challenging to remember examples. So, the ideal means is to form a sentence with all the examples. Take the starting letter of each example and make one word with it. Find out some fun tricks to study complex topics.
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  3. Set Targets That Doesn’t Exhaust You: Set realistic targets (daily, monthly & weekly) and try to achieve them. Don’t make a study plan that will bring monotony to your preparation. You should at least keep 6-7 hrs of preparation time for your NET every day and not more than that. Don’t overstack your routine by keeping multiple units that will make you bored and frustrated. Start preparing with the simple units and your strong areas. This will kick your confidence level, and you will get a good zeal for your preparation.
  4. Build Basic Concepts First: Emphasize the basic concepts first. Most of the students tend to start answering questions directly without checking or revising the concepts first. So, make it a habit to revise the concept repeatedly and then start solving the questions. Don’t get worried if you are unable to understand any concept from your textbook. Watch some animation videos of those trivial topics, and you will find that the visual graphics are beneficial in making your concepts super clear. So you can make a folder for topic-wise animation videos on your laptop for your reference.
  5. Concepts First, Practice Later: The primary task after you have made up your mind for NET preparation is thoroughly going through previous years’ question papers to get an idea of exam pattern, its marking scheme, etc. But don’t start practicing any questions right from the beginning as you are not well versed with the existing concepts of the syllabus. So, take a month to go through all the units, and later from the second month, start practicing questions.
  6. Revise Daily: Revising the concepts regularly will lead to better retainment of the same. Remember to have a quick revision (45 minutes) every day of what you have learned the previous day. This can boost your confidence level. You might have been preparing for the exam for a long time, and it’s entirely possible that you have forgotten many concepts you covered in the beginning. Revision helps you to remember those concepts and boost your confidence. Without efficient and proper revision, you may fail to recollect what you have studied in the examination. Make a smart & wise revision plan that includes all the topics that need to be covered before the exam. The notes you prepared during your preparation will help you in revision. If possible, make notes on important concepts during the revision. That will help you in your last-minute revision before the exam.
  7. Stay Focused: This often happens with us during exam time. Your friends are hanging out, and you are getting irritated by seeing them on social media, and all these irritations turn down to significant distractions. So it is advisable to stay away from social media distractions like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram. It does not mean that you will be leading a monk life but minimize the unnecessary distractions that might derail your focus from your one-point mission. At times if you are getting bogged by these cravings for opening your social networking site account or hanging out with friends, make a call to one of your pals who is also a NET aspirant, have some fruitful discussions over your syllabus or discuss any topics, it will make your mood lighter.
  8. Use Pen & Paper: Make notes with pen and paper rather than using an iPad or laptop for better retention. Writing down is an age-old process and is considered to be the best retention exercise so far. Hence, if you need to memorize any concepts, try to write them down as soon as you study. You should at least start writing the concepts within 2 hours after your study time and that too without opening your book.
  9. Meditate daily: Meditation for 5 minutes will enhance your retention skills and upgrade your confidence level. Long-term memory is the depository of memories that can ideally last for a long period of time that too for six months. These are the memories that define your persona and help you remain consistent over time. Meditation helps to accelerate long-term memory by improving your ability to concentrate. For example, studies show that a group of experienced meditators memorized a set of images and recalled them with better accuracy after three weeks compared with people who did not engage in meditation.
  10. Time management – Finally, improving your time management skills is the best strategy to be a CSIR NET topper. You must be familiar with the pattern of the CSIR-NET Life Science question paper by now. Part A, B, and C will have 20, 40, and 75 questions wherein candidates have to attempt a maximum of 15, 35, and 25 questions, respectively. It’s difficult and time-consuming to read through all the questions and decide which one you want to attempt. Here you need to have a solid time management plan so that you can attempt 75 questions in 3 hours. You can plan your time management according to your strengths and weaknesses. It would be better if you solve Part A questions during the first 20 minutes and then move to your subject questions. You can choose between Part B and Part C based on your strengths. But do keep in mind that Part C requires more time to read and answer compared to Part B, so plan accordingly.

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Bonus Tip To Top NET 2022 In A Short Time: Using study tools or revision tools is a big help for your preparation. Try to convert the concept into a flow chart with minimal words for theoretical concepts. If you are coming across any comparative concepts like responses of plants to biotic and abiotic stresses, then better study the same by making a comparative table; this really makes learning faster.

So students hope this read gave you better clarity for your NET preparation and start your preparation with all the power and the zeal. Try to remember these few things:-

  • NET exam repeater would be constantly bothered about missing the exam the second time as well. Always assure yourself that you are well-versed in this exam now, and you know your weak points better than the first time. So definitely there will be positive aspects and try to use these.
  • For those writing the exam for the first time, shed off the thought that this is just a practice examination and there will be more chances in the future. Target the exam and try qualifying on the first go. So start your preparation on a serious note.
  • Don’t disclose your strategies with your friends, and try avoiding too many friends in your group study circle as too many discussions can be a significant source of distraction.
  • Always wear a positive attitude towards learning, which makes a lot of difference in your preparation. A negative mindset or constant pessimistic statements won’t help one in learning. The situation will only worsen if you still continue with a negative approach. You will find yourself being more creative when you stop thinking negatively & look on the bright side. The right mindset will also make you less anxious and usher in a whole lot of fresh and new ideas that might help in your studies.

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