SERB Special Call For

SERB Special Call For Proposals – Plant Sciences & Climate

SERB Special Call For Proposals – Plant Sciences & Climate. Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details on the same below

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Science and Engineering Research Board

Special Call for Proposals

SERB has been promoting and supporting new ventures under its flagship programs such as CRG, SRG, IRHPA, SUPRA etc. in the areas of Science and Technology ecosystem growth. Additionally, to support areas that require immediate scientific intervention & attention (e.g., COVID related R&D) and thrust fields of scientific research which is meant to address the key scientific gaps in the specific discipline or to provide a better technological solution to a particular problem, proposals are invited through the special calls from time to time.

In line with the above, SERB announces special calls on the following areas –

Biology of Plants under extreme environments

India is one of the biodiversity hotspots which covers diversity in all the levels of producers (flora). The diversity of producer species, on which all life depends, is immense, and it ranges from cyanobacteria to forest trees. Plantlife covers much of Earth’s land surface

, providing structure to ecosystems (e.g., interacting systems of organisms and their physical environment), habitat for consumers, and regulating the exchange of energy and chemicals with the atmosphere.

The present scenario of climate change insists we think seriously about climate change
resilient research especially in the area of extreme biology. The increasing threats of
climatological extremes include high/ low temperature, light, abiotic and biotic factors. It has also been reported that there is a differential effect of climate change both in terms of geographical location and productivity yield of crops. The abovementioned factors have a wide range of effects on plants in terms of physiology, biochemistry and gene regulation pathway.

Interdisciplinarity – Plant Sciences, Climate

The typical duration of projects under these special will be of 3 years and a component
of the grant will be similar to CRG projects supported by SERB. The PI(s) who are having
an ongoing SUPRA or IRPHA project are not eligible to apply under these special calls.
However, other eligibility conditions as applicable to the CRG projects will be followed.

Proposals should be submitted in the prescribed format through the SERB online portal –

  • Call open from – February 05, 2022
  • Last date of submission – February 28, 2022
  • Contact persons – For area (A) – Dr. Pankaj Kumar Rawat, Scientist-D. Email – [email protected].
  • For area (B & C) – Dr. Arvind Chaudhary, Scientist-, Email – [email protected].
  • For area (D) – Dr. Shilpi Paul, Scientist-F, Email – [email protected].

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