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Biotecnika Job Assistance Program (JAP) With Interview Guarantee

As we are done with our studies, we are all in a hurry to get onto the jobs treadmill. This is the biggest wish or desire of any freshers who pass out of college.

We are constantly flooded with emails asking us how to get a job? where to apply? Where to begin etc.

So to answer these questions, to help you, guide you and suggest the best formula to get a job, we have developed the Job Assistance Program (JAP).

Biotecnika Job Assistance Program (JAP) With Placement Assistance & Interview Guarantee

There are more job seekers than companies that have opportunities for all.

Getting a high paying job is also a skill set!

To help you there we are starting a special course from 02nd March 2022. This is an industry-oriented assistance program that will help you get into the industry.

What’s Included?

  • Networking
  • Resume Drafting
  • SOP Drafting
  • Research Proposal writing
  • PI & Soft Skills
  • Conceptual Learning
  • Instrumentation
  • Ethics In R&D
  • Analysis of graphical data and application of biostatistical techniques.
  • Mock Interviews

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Do make use of this Biotecnika Job Assistance Program (JAP) With Interview Guarantee

. Trust us these are all the relevant skills that are needed for your growth in the career ladder.

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