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The Omicron Advantage – For Job Seekers, CSIR NET & Other Exam Aspirants

The whole world is facing the 3rd wave which is destroying our confidence. But here we are talking about how it can be an advantage. We can understand how frustrations have peaked. But we can turn it around for us.

In all the videos it is always emphasized – Do not be a victim of circumstance but be a student of circumstance.

Never allow your mind to victimize yourself.

Let’s take a look at 5 ways you can calm your mind and use omicron to your advantage

We are all in the same boat feeling upset, frustrated, dejected, negative and harassed.

The fact is if you do not calm your mind then you will have a nervous breakdown.

So how to tame your brain? How to stay productive and progressive in your career while the 3rd wave is underway?

Tip Number 1 – Focus on Now

Not the past and not the future

Tip Number 2 – Keep your brain engaged

Make sure you are into creative things – like practice mock interviews, attend workshops, webinars, internships etc

Tip Number 3 – Do a career litmus test

Start focusing on areas of interest and make them your areas of expertise.

Tip Number 4 – Learn, Unlearn and Relearn

Don’t be part of the view economy instead enrich yourself with knowledge.

Tip Number 5 – Make Decision, Take Action

We are getting a 3rd chance so learn more now so that you can earn more later.

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