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Research Assistant Job For Biological Sciences at TMC Kolkata

Research Assistant Job For Biological Sciences at TMC Kolkata. Tata Translational Cancer Research Center Recruitment. MSc Biological Sciences Jobs. Interested and eligible candidates are encouraged to apply –

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The Tata Medical Centre and the Tata Translational Cancer Research Centre

The Tata Medical Centre (TMC) is a multispecialty institution for tertiary cancer care
based in New Town, Kolkata. At TMC, clinical and research activities are integrated to
provide state-of-the-art care for patients with cancer. This integration is enabled by the
Tata Translational Cancer Research Centre (TTCRC), the research arm of TMC. TTCRC is
within a dedicated academic space and spread over 3 floors. At TTCRC, a multidisciplinary team of clinicians, scientists, academics and industry professionals collaborate to develop a systems medicine approach in cancer research. This approach is focused on developing innovative, indigenous, cost-effective and equitable strategies to improve cancer diagnosis; develop treatments that match disease characteristics and are adapted to treatment response; and, identify prognostic and predictive disease biomarkers. These strategies are multi-dimensional and involve an iterative pathway that includes clinical studies, high-throughput laboratory investigations, computational strategies to integrate, analyse and model data

, hypothesis-based pre-clinical studies and evidence-based translation of findings to clinical practice. For additional information on work at TTCRC, visit and

We have a dedicated Clinical Research Unit, which works alongside the clinical team to
run clinical trials and national and international collaborative projects. We are currently partnering with Gennova Pharmaceuticals Ltd., to run a Phase II Clinical Trial for Acute
Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. This is an intensively laboratory-driven trial, where
laboratory assay results would determine the trial and provide clinical impact, with the
aim to help develop novel therapeutic opportunities. The post holder will work as part
of the Clinical Research Unit and in regular coordination with the clinical team and
biorepository unit. We expect the applicant to understand Good Laboratory Practices
(GLP), and have excellent interpersonal skills, effective communication skills (both oral
and written), and strong team working skills.

Name of the Post – Research Assistant

No. of Posts – 01

Appointing Organisation – Tata Translational Cancer Research Centre, Tata Medical Centre, Kolkata

Application Guidelines

Appointment to the position will be initially for a year, and a further extension to 2–3 years
is subject to satisfactory review of performance. The consolidated monthly salary is INR
25,000 – INR 33,000 and the start pay will be based on a review of qualifications and
experience. The position is funded by Gennova Biopharmaceuticals Ltd. The successful
applicant will be managed by and reported to the Trial and CRU Manager.

Other Information

  1. For further details on TMC and TTCRC, visit and
  2. Application may be submitted online or sent by post or by e-mail to:
    Mr Suvasish Mukherjee; Head, Human Resources; Tata Medical Center; 14 Major
    Arterial Road (East-West); Newtown, Rajarhat; Kolkata 700 160
    e-mail –
  3. Contact Ms Sukanya Guha ( for any queries.

Last date of application – 15th February 2022

Main Responsibilities

  • Establish, develop, and optimize ELISA based analytical assays
  • Continue and extend work on in-house run immunoassays in real-time
  • Participate in analytical method validation studies
  • Conduct Quality assurance following test protocols and procedures in compliance
    with quality system and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) regulations.
  • Document standard operating protocols (SOPs), laboratory, method validation,
    and sample analysis reports for overall GLP adherence
  • Make detailed observations, analyse data, and interpret results
  • Collaborate with clinical and data management team to provide work support,
    exchange information and ensure efficient processes

Minimum required qualifications/experience

  • MSc in Biological Sciences, with 2-3 years experience of bench work
  • Working experience/familiarity with immunoassays (ELISA, etc)
  • Familiarity with basic research laboratory protocols, procedures, and techniques

Necessary Qualities

  • Integrity, motivation, enthusiasm
  • Good communication skills are needed to be able to share data and conclusions with
    scientific peers and others around the company.
  • Good time management and organizational skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced team with outstanding multi-tasking skills

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