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Freshers Job Secrets Revealed – How To Choose The Right Biotech Job For Yourself

Helping, training, nurturing and guiding students for the past 15 years – Biotecnika’s CEO-MD Mr Shekhar Suman has seen it all.

Mr Shekhar Suman has trained candidates who have been bachelor’s degree holders and even post-doc degree holders to get their desired job in the biosciences sector.

Here are 5 to 6 pointers that will help you, guide you and show you the path because ultimately you have to make the decisions

Problem – Job Scarcity

We are always told that there are fewer jobs in the biosciences industry

Solution – We need to change the way we look at the job market

The most commonly asked question throughout the years has been – How will a fresher get a job if all jobs ask for experience?

Answer – Gain Experience

How? – Internships, Certifications, Temporary Research Projects

Let’s take a looks at the Freshers Job Secrets Revealed

Tip Number 1 – Think Big Start Small

We all want a 6 figure salary but we all forget where that we all started from A to Z

Tip Number 2 – Get Trained

There are various internships

, certifications and research opportunities in this bioeconomy. Grab them.

We are part of a dynamic industry and the college syllabus can’t also keep up with it. So the onus is on you now to step out of your curriculum and equip yourself with the opportunities mentioned above.

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Tip Number 3 – Be flexible with the job location

Tip Number 4 – Learn Interview Skills

Soft skills, communications skills – all of which play a vital role during your interview process.

Tip Number 5 – No Perfect Biotech Job exists

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. Start with what you have and turn your limitations into opportunities.

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