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Best Coaching CSIR-NET India – Biotecnika Lakshya Batch For Life Sciences

Want to enrol in the best coaching you can get for CSIR NET Life Sciences? Biotecnika – the industry expert for over 15 years in all things CSIR invites you to join our 4th February CSIR NET Life Sciences batch – Lakshya is your answer and ticket to success in CSIR NET June 2022 and CSIR NET December 2022. Trust Biotecnika – the best coaching CSIR-NET India.

Lakshya ko har haal mein paana hai

A battle can only be won when you decide to win it

I am a firm believer in winning and that’s the reason we have so many achievements at Biotecnika.

The good news is CSIR NET is being held 3 times this year. So to help you win these exams and excel in these examinations, Biotecnika has come up with the Lakshya Batch.

To achieve your goals you need to have a plan – so to qualify CSIR NET you need a plan, a recipe. The recipe for success is something Biotecnika can provide you with.

Lakshya Batch will be targeting June 2022 and December 2022 CSIR NET Exams. 

This Batch Begins 04th February 2022

What’s special in Lakshya Batch?

Why wait? Biotecnika is right at your gate, don’t wait!

How will it benefit you?

  • Based on SMART Goal – Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time-Bound Goals.
  • Complete CSIR NET Life Sciences Syllabus coverage.
  • Only 21 seats
  • Starts 4th February 2022, Ends 30th November 2022.

What’s Included?

  • RAID Classes by Expert Faculties (Patent Pending Process)
  • No superficial studying – complete syllabus coverage 2 times in the year.
  • Special Revision Session – Super Raftaar Batch Recordings + Quick NET Revisor FREE
  • Flashcards, Konceptika Lite + More
  • 24×7 Chat Support for Doubt Solving
  • Daily classes for one year
  • FREE Bioinformatics & Cheminformatics Internship

🔰 Salient Features of Lakshya Batch –

✅ Goal-oriented teaching methods employed in every class
✅ RAID Classes by CSIR NET Experts
✅ Free CSIR NET Quicknet Revisor and
✅ Super Raftaar Batch for revisions
✅ Free E-Copy of Konceptika Flow Chart Book

📌 CSIR NET Course Content

👉 Interactive Online Coaching
👉 Printed Study Material for CSIR NET (Life Science) 14 Books (13 books as per syllabus + 1 book for Part A)
👉 Online Study Portal
👉 Unlimited Classes

Click this link for Lakshya Batch – https://btnk.org/lakshya

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