Renewed Strategy For CSIR-NET In Wake Of Exam Rescheduling

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As announced yesterday, the news of Rescheduled Exam Dates for Joint CSIR-UGC NET Examination June-2021 gave us the much-needed respite on the concern that the CSIR NET June 2021 Examinations dates were clashing with those of the GATE exam. CSIR came through and let us know that a couple of dates have been shifted to accommodate the CSIR NET aspirants better.

So now that we have a couple of weeks in our hands, it’s a golden opportunity for us to adopt a Renewed Strategy For CSIR-NET In the Wake Of Exam Rescheduling.

What happened? And How Does It Impact You?

The exam is now stretched to 15th to 18th Feb 2022

CSIR NET June 2021 Exam Results 

Will be declared possibly by March-end or mid-April

The next Exam is in June 2022 

As confirmed by CSIR HRDG Head Dr Anjan Ray

So if you restart preparing in April

You will get only 2.5 months to prepare

Instead, start preparing with Eklavya Batch

All of your exams – all 3 attempts will be covered.

If you start now and prepare for the long haul 

Success will definitely be yours in the long term

Important Tips

Expert Guidance + Your Hard Work = Definite Success

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Don’t be a victim of circumstance – Be a student of circumstance 

Learn to utilize current time to your advantage

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