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Plant-Based Foods – Shekhar Suman Show

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We are back with the 6th episode of The Shekhar Suman Show. This is India’s first Biosciences Talk Show. There is a new issue, a new point of view that can be discussed. Let’s take a look at how we can make a difference.

In this episode, we take a poignant look at the 26/11 Attacks from 2008 and how they impacted the nation. What if this was a bioterror attack? We have all heard of bioweapons and biological warfare, so isn’t it necessary for us to see how we can counteract them?

Also, we take a look at plant-based foods. Veganism is all the rage now. So what are the alternatives to meat out there? Will we be able to invent healthier alternatives to various foods?

Join Mr Shekhar Suman and hear what he has to say. These short heart to heart episodes are intended to give you some food for thought and maybe just try to ignite one young mind.

In the sixth episode, we discuss – What If 26/11 Was A Bioterror Attack? Plant-Based Animal Products

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