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Eklavya Batch – Why You Should Join + Features You’re Missing Out On!

Hello everyone and welcome to a special video on Eklavya Batch – Why You Should Join + Features You’re Missing Out On! You all know BioTecNika, you have seen what we are capable of. It was Mr Shekhar Suman’s efforts that served as the catalyst for some respite regarding the CSIR NET Life Sciences Examination Dates.

So who better than BioTecNika to help you pass this obstacle course of CSIR NET 2022 Examinations? We have not one, not two BUT THREE ATTEMPTS in our bag!

So make the smart choice to Declutter Your CSIR NET Examination with reliable and expert assisted coaching at BioTecNika.

Let’s logically try to qualify our CSIR NET Examinations – We have had 18 months to prepare and most of it for the majority has been a less than favourable experience. We had enough time on our hands this lockdown to waste by focusing on more unproductive things like social media, namely YouTube and Instagram. Well, now the time has come to strap in for one heck of a ride in 2022 with 3 CSIR NET Examinations. We’ve hit the jackpot and read

on to find out why?


Let’s take a look back at how everything has evolved in just 18 months – A pandemic hit us, something which we didn’t even imagine in our wildest dreams, and that put a huge strain on all our future plans and activities. Suddenly we were thrust into the world of WFH and online classes. What even were they? And how did we even sit through these?

In the era gone by teachers used to come to teach, but in today’s era, they come to get views and give coupon codes. Social media is filled with so many “influencers” who in the name of education – misguide, misdirect and mislead students solely by providing entertainment rather than knowledge.

But at BioTecNika we do things differently. We do not follow the crowd and we know what is needed at this crucial juncture.

Fact – Opinions are the cheapest commodity today. 

If you listen to everyone then you are not preparing for an exam in India, you are planning for the Parliament of India.

You cannot teach a fish to climb a tree, nor can a fish teach you how to climb a tree!

Similarly, you cannot qualify for CSIR NET without the help of experienced and well-qualified teachers.


You can only succeed or come close with the guidance and mentorship of true gurus who have vast real-world experience and know the rules of the game.

CSIR NET Is Slated to Happen 3 Times in 2022

So what does this mean for you?

  • More chances = More probability of your qualifying.
  • Few people will take this news seriously and consider preparing.
  • Take advantage of this chaos by planning your future carefully.
  • You are at the right place and the right time – This is your sign to start your preparations and have a single-minded focus, while most of your competition has not woken up for the battle.

An analogy to help you understand – For all the cricket fans out there – You have observed that Every fast bowler has a longer run-up

So, gain momentum slowly and kill 3 birds with one stone. Start your preparation now – You have a long way to go, so by the time you are at the tail end of things, you for sure will bowl out the competition.


Eklavya Batch 2022

Learn from the most experience Dronacharya’s of BioTecNika

Here’s the game plan

  • In Jan 2022 – Gain experience by writing CSIR NET
  • In June 2022 – Gain Rank With Help of Eklavya Batch
  • Improve your rank with the help of our rank boosting courses 

Why Eklavya Batch?

  • According to Mahabharata, Eklavya had a lack of resources.
  • BioTecNika wants to eliminate this barrier.
  • Eklavya Batch = Best teachers meet needy students.

Who Are the Dronacharya’s of Eklavya Batch?

  • A team of 15 mentors with a combined experience of over 75 years.
  • Headed by Chief Strategists Mr Shekhar Suman and Head of Academics Team, Dr Neha Suman.
About Mr Shekhar Suman - CEO & Chief Strategist
Mr Shekhar Suman is the CEO, Co-Founder, and Chief Strategist of Biotecnika. Armed with vast experience in academics and Corporate careers spanning 15 Years, he has helped more than 1 Million Students achieve success in their Biotech Careers.
About Dr Neha Suman - HOD, Academics
Dr Neha SumanDr Neha Suman is the co-founder and Head of Biotecnika’s Academic Department and oversees all the academic operations of the company. Over the span of 20 years of her Academic & Research Career, she has helped more than a million researchers achieve success.
About Dr Prabakaran Ravichandran
Dr. Prabakaran Ravichandran, PhD in the area of nanoparticle synthesis and biocompatibility studies from Norfolk State University, Norfolk, USA. He holds post-doctoral experience in developing 2nd generation bio-materials/delivery systems for treating chronic pulmonary conditions from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA. He holds 17 patents in his name

Our Mentors

Eklavya Batch


What’s Included?

  • Online Coaching/ Classroom Coaching For 3 Hours per day.
  • In detail syllabus coverage – 13 units ~ 13 Master’s Degrees!
  • More emphasis on Part C Questions.
  • Printed Study Material
  • All Classes of Raftaar Batch for Jan 2022
  • Revision Notes with our trusty weapons like Konceptika Lite, Koncept Wheel, Koncept Table and Koncept Cloud.

What’s New?

  • FREE e-course on How to maximise productivity for CSIR NET students.
  • Exclusive Workshops & Webinars to encourage –
    › Question-Solving Skills
    › Time management Skills
    › Productivity Skills
    › Distraction Management Skills
    › Improve Study Habit Skills

Extra Added Advantage

  • Problem – Gap in CV
  • Problem – Future employers take such gaps seriously.
  • Solution – Do FREE Bioinformatics Virtual Internship or Cheminformatics Internship worth Rs. 21,000 while you are enrolled with us!
  • Kill 3 birds with 1 stone.

“If you fell down yesterday, stand up today” – H.G. Wells



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