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CSIR-NET Unit 2 Revision & Study Plan – Top 10 Tips & Tricks

A new initiative by Biotecnika where we are on a mission to help you conquer the CSIR NET Exam like a boss. We are already done with Unit 1 and now we move on to CSIR-NET Unit 2 Revision & Study Plan For CSIR NET Life Sciences and hope to progress to Unit 13 and help you all achieve your dreams!

Unit 2 deals with cellular organization and this subject has fewer topics. This subject is based mainly on your memorization skill, how effectively you can grasp a concept.

Based on analysis of previous year’s question papers it was found that the following topics had the most frequently asked questions.

Revise the most important topics from Unit 2

  • Membrane structure and function
  • Protein transport pathways to various organelles
  • Cytoskeleton
  • Structure of chromatin and chromosomes
  • Transposons
  • Meiosis and Mitosis, Cell cycle steps and checkpoints
  • Microbial Growth kinetics

It’s a short unit, 5 subunits only, accordingly prepare a timetable and follow it

Day Time Topics
First 3h Membrane structure and function
Second 3h Protein transport pathways to various organelles, Cytoskeleton
Third 2h Structure of chromatin and chromosomes, transposons
Fourth 2h Mitosis and meiosis, Cell cycle steps and checkpoints
Fifth 2h Microbial Growth kinetics


Memorize the characteristics of various pumps, transporters, their inhibitors, RBC membrane components such as Band 3

  • Use Koncept wheel
  • Usually match the following questions are asked from these topics
  • Very scoring

Revise unit 2 along with the common topics in unit 4 

  • Unit 2D topics like regulation and control of cell cycle are common with topics of Cancer and apoptosis topic of Unit 4.

Study the graphs, questions from FRAP and microbial growth curve are graph-based  

Memorize the formulas to solve numerical questions asked from microbial growth, practice one question for different types of numerical questions asked

How to solve experimental based questions?

Revise by questions and answer method. Practice the experiment-based questions from the previous year question papers

Keep some handy tips in mind before solving questions in the exam

  • Attempt strong section first
  • Solve the questions from the prepared topics initially
  • Attempt rest of the sections later
  • Solve questions you are confident about to avoid negative markings
  • Be careful of Part C as it looks tempting
    Correct answer – +4 marks
    wrong answer – -1.0 marks

Whatever you do

Don’t skip ⇒ Revise Smart ⇒ Create Memory Milestones ⇒ Achieve Success

Sample Question Paper – Download link

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