Can Climate Change Make Us Sick?
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Can Climate Change Make Us Sick? – What Is Climate Change Disorder 

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In The Middle of November, a very unique news story came to my attention. It was – “For the first time ever, a woman in Canada has been diagnosed with ‘Climate change’ disorder. Although we all have heard and said a lot many things about climate change, global warming, etc. I’m very sure not many of us have ever heard about this disorder.

Hello, Hi, Namaste to all the listeners of Biotecnika! This is Tithi, your host for today’s podcast and I’m going to throw some light on what is this “climate change” disorder and can we really get sick from it?

Let me tell you about the Canada incident first. Well, an elderly woman who complained of headache and dehydration, among other things, was diagnosed with ‘climate change disorder’. This was the first time ever that anybody was diagnosed with it. When the consulting physician was contacted by various news agencies, he said that his intention was to call a spade a spade amid mounting evidence of the damaging effects of the climate crisis. This along with millions of similar incidents, where people constantly complain of breathing problems, asthma, anxiety and other mental illnesses proves that global warming has gone from being a most worrisome symptom of industrial and human activity to a condition that could be directly blamed for health troubles.

Now let’s take a closer look around our own home. The frequent floods that different states of India are experiencing for the last 5 years is also a result of climate change along with other factors affected by adverse human activities! Besides the toll on humans, these recurrent floods caused considerable damage to animal life, infrastructure and the environment.

With these thoughts, I would like to sign off. Please let us know how you feel about this. A big thank you to all the listeners. See you all with more such topics. Bye and have a great day!

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