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Breaking CSIR NET June 2021 News – Dates Rescheduled + CSIR NET June, December Update

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We have some good news in the midst of your intense CSIR NET Exam preparation. It’s a small update that will make you happy and that is many students let us know on 7th Dec 2021 that the dates of the CSIR NET Exam and GATE Exam were clashing. Maybe not for all subjects but for some.

Mr Shekhar Suman then took charge and decided to drop a message to the Head of CSIR HRDG – Dr Anjan Ray and let him know about this date clash and he responded that NTA was in discussion as to how to solve this issue.

Screenshots below

Fast-forward to today and NTA has come up with this new notification which says that the examination dates have changed as follows

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And the best news in all of this is we asked about June & December 2022 exam dates confirmation and Dr Anjan Ray confirmed that all those exams are on schedule, which is wonderful news

– that means 3 times CSIR will be held in 2022.

We have a few extra days now possible to prepare for the CSIR NET June 2021 Examination, so make use of this opportunity well!

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  1. Sir I have a doubt regarding the dates … There are 3 dates of CSIR NET JRF JUNE 2021 but the candidate can appear on a single date or he /she will appear on all the dates for single examination i.e csir net June 2021…

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