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Biotecnika Christmas Offers + Mega New Year Announcements!

Hello everyone, wishing all you dear BioTecNikans a Very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year from all of us here at BioTecNika. And we are here like Santa Claus with Biotecnika Christmas Offers + Mega New Year Announcements!

Before you come to the close of 2021, let’s take some time to reflect on the year gone by and see how we can make 2022 a better one for all of us.

Last year was a legacy and next year will be LEGEN…wait for it…DARY!

The last 6 days of December are a reminder that

  • You can always get a fresh start.
  • It’s always wise to rest and then attack to win.
  • It’s always wise to have goals and create a New Year Resolution.
  • It’s always wise to have a plan.

Some food for thought for all of us looking ahead to a better, bigger and amazing 2022.

Learn to look at the BIGGER PICTURE

The whole world is waiting for your creation, kyunki agar end mein sab kuch theek na ho to who end nahi hain doston. PICTURE ABHI BAAKI HAI MERE DOST!

Dream BIG 

Don’t think of achieving small, plan

to achieve BIG

We almost always underestimate ourselves, try to break that habit. We are much more capable than we think. Give yourself the grace to try and conquer your dreams and ambitions. Once you taste success you will be so thankful to yourself for having faith in your own capabilities and trusting yourself.

Don’t get overwhelmed by small hiccups

Rome was not built in a day. We have all heard of this saying. It’s true, success is not linear – it’s a series of ups and downs. This is all part of your journey, so don’t let minor setbacks discourage you.


Plan today = Succeed tomorrow

A goal without a plan is a daydream. It’s all well to have goals and dreams, but you need to put pen to paper and figure out what are the steps needed to reach that dream. The early bird gets the worm. In nature itself, there are so many examples of how planning helps save for a rainy day.

Follow your Action Plan

Have the courage to follow your dreams

It is not enough just to have a plan – you must follow through. Yes, there may be some changes in the course but always go back and see how you can overcome these new obstacles. It’s easy to say NO but difficult to say YES. So don’t let yourself down. You owe it to yourself to see these plans through.

Maintain Momentum

It’s normal to feel discouraged or even lose steam. But remember slow and steady wins the race. So don’t fret if you’ve slowed down a bit, pick back up and move forward.

Just before you feel like giving up, think about why you started in the first place?

There comes a point in time when we all feel – this is it, why do I even bother? We always give up just when we are on the brink of success, don’t do that. Don’t waste all this effort and energy that you have put in. You will be let with What if? A question that will haunt you forever. So think back to what started you on this journey? What was that one thing that sparked this fire in you and reignite it!

Focus on Now

Take it one step at a time. Every day set mini-goals to hit so that it can lead up to the bigger picture. Focus on the present because that is all you have with you right now. No point living in the future and running your present. Be present and ready in the NOW and this will keep you on track for a bright future.

Create a learning habit – Be a sponge for knowledge

Every day we learn something new. It may not always be related to education, but life experiences in general. So, create this habit of learning something new every day, this information will help you for life.

Channelize your negative energy in a positive direction

There are some days and weeks even when we are not feeling our best. We feel the weight of the world and our expectations heavy on our shoulders. We can lash out and use this pent up energy in destructive ways, but channel this for constructive purposes. Take a break, give yourself a breather. Find ways to release this energy in a healthy way. Meditation, painting, playing or listening to music, going for a walk or a run. Playing with kids – all activities which will help you regain your composure and help you get back on track.

Push all your buttons – Be a self-starter, don’t wait for external stimuli

You have to be your own personal cheerleader sometimes, if not most times. Give yourself a pep talk. Look in the mirror and affirm to yourself that you’ve got this. You will do your best and everything is going to work out.

Life is not tough – It’s all about perception

The glass is either half full or half empty, the enlightened are simply grateful to have a glass. Yes, life is not smooth, it throws a lot of bouncers at us. But we just have to duck and then prepare to hit a sixer. Nothing is impossible in the time’s we live in. So have some faith, you will succeed and make all your dreams come true.

Why 2022 is going to be special for you?

Because BioTecNika is gearing up for some special announcement. We already worked our magic in 2021 so we can’t wait to share what’s in store for 2022.

Biotecnika Christmas Offers + Mega New Year Announcements!

Date Name of Offer
25th December 2021 Merry Christmas Day
26th December 2021 Merry Crispr Day
27th December 2021 Santa Day
28th December 2021 New Year Sparkler Day
29th December 2021 Jingle Bell Day
30th December 2021 Ballistic Day
31st December 2021 Bye Bye 2021 Day
01st January 2022 Resolution Day
02nd January 2022 Action Day


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A glimpse of what’s in store for Biotecnika 2022

  • FREE Mock Tests in our App, YouTube & Telegram Channel.
  • Surprise gifts to all YouTube subscribers on a daily basis.
  • Felicitation of Article Writing Contest & Superfan Winners.
  • 1 Revolutionary CSIR NET Study Product Launch in Jan 2022.
  • More educational videos from our team.
  • + Much more

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