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Springer Nature Scientific & Medical Writer Jobs For Biotech, Life Sciences

Springer Nature Scientific & Medical Writer Jobs For Biotech, Life Sciences. MSc Biotechnology, Life Sciences & PhD Life Sciences Scientific and Medical Writer at Springer Nature. Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details on the same below:

Name of the Post – Scientific and Medical Writer

Job ID – 40087

Location – Pune

Experience – 1.5 Years+ experience in the Life Science domain.

Brief about the ADISInsight

  • ADISInsight is a database for drug research and development, disease treatment, and decision making, based on trusted, scientifically sound data.
  • Accurate and robust data is drawn from medical conferences, leading scientific publications, government agencies, and company information.
  • It is then expertly reviewed, assessed, and summarized by a team of scientists resulting in a single search on the database that delivers results on drugs, trials, deals, and safety.
  • The Drugs database provides leading, evidence-based scientific and market information on drugs in commercial development worldwide. Drug and cell-based products are tracked across all therapeutic areas and throughout the entire development process, from discovery to launch.
  • This vital competitive information is used by our customers/stakeholders (Pharmaceutical industry, CROs, Academic institutes, Financial organizations) to make better business decisions.

Qualification – M.Sc. (Biotechnology, Lifesciences), PhD (Lifesciences).

Technical/Functional Competencies

  • Sound knowledge of Clinical Research, Regulatory Guidelines, Drug Development and Drug approval process
  • Hands-on experience of database
  • Good command over written and spoken English
  • Good interpretation and analytical skills
  • Team player

Key Responsibilities

  • Identify key data from the source and accurately enter information into predefined fields/tables
  • Create/update drug profiles giving details of each clinical study/drug development program including key dates, status, phase, design, location, patient segment, endpoints, subject characteristics, treatments, and results as well as a timeline of key trial events, etc.
  • Consolidate information from multiple sources like studies published in leading medical journals, posted on trial registry websites, information from media releases, etc.
  • Write accurate and concise summaries that capture the key elements from published reports/updates
  • Ensure compliance with Company SOPs
  • Provide guidance to less experienced team members.
  • Perform additional tasks as assigned by team lead/manager

Day at work

  • Updating the ADIS Drugs database by incorporating the new /latest incoming information from different sources.
  • To perform an extensive search on the internet and from the recommended sites and ensure every possible information is incorporated in the database.


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