ICMR Extramural Research Programme

ICMR Extramural Research Programme Call For Proposals – Apply Online

ICMR Extramural Research Programme Call For Proposals – Apply Online. Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details on the same below:

This call expires in

-913Days -12Hours 00Minutes -54Seconds

Indian Council of Medical Research
Department of Health Research, Ministry of Health
and Family Welfare, Government of India

No. ICMR/BMI/ePMS/Adhoc&Fellowship/2021/02


To promote research in the country in the field of Biomedical Investigations, ICMR provides
financial support in the form of Ad-hoc projects to Scientists / Professionals who have a regular employment in the Medical Colleges, Research Institutes, University, Recognized Research & Development Laboratories, Govt. & Semi Govt. Organizations & NGOs (documentary evidence of their recognition including DSIR-SIRO certificate should be enclosed with the application).

When and how to submit a proposal

  1. The “Full length research (Detailed) Ad-hoc proposals” should be submitted through
    the online mode only on https://epms.icmr.org.in and no proposal in physical/hard
    copy/Email is to be submitted.
  2. Details of the eligibility, format of application, terms & conditions and guidelines of the
    the scheme is available on https://epms.icmr.org.in/adhoc.
  3. All projects involving research on human beings/animals must be cleared by the
    registered Human Ethics Committee/ Animal Ethics Committee of the respective institute
    (Registration Number to be provided).

Important Note

  1. Open the ICMR Electronics Project Management System (e-PMS) portal https://epms.icmr.org.in.
  2. Project proposal submission is three steps process in e-PMS.
    ♦ Step 1 – PI Registration/Login
    ♦ Step 2 – Verify Email Id and Complete/Update PI Profile
    ♦ Step 3 – Apply for Grant through submission of Ad-hoc proposal
  3. Click on “LOGIN and select “Register a new membership” for new registration OR else if registered enter details to login into the application at e-PMS portal.
  4. After registration in the portal, login in to the portal. Verify your registered email and complete the PI profile. IP profile includes Personal detail such as Salute, Name, DOB as per 10th certificate, Details of 10th (Board name, roll number, Year of passing), Attachment (10th certificate/mark sheet), Gender (Male/Female), Category (GEN, OBC, SC, ST), State, District, Institute Name (if the name doesn’t exist in the drop-down list then there is an option to add the new institute also), Designation, Nature of
    Employment, Department, Broad Area of Research, Subject Area.
  5. After completing a mandatory section of PI Profile, click on “Submit New Proposal” under “Proposal Submission” menu. A new screen will display. Select “ICMR Ad-hoc Project Program” from the drop-down list to submit a new proposal under the ICMR Ad-hoc program.
  6. The user manual of e-PMS (Guidelines-> e-PMS menu) https://epms.icmr.org.in/user-manual and ICMR Ad-hoc Project Program guideline (Guidelines-> Ad-hoc Program menu) are available at https://epms.icmr.org.in/adhoc. Before proceeding to submit the proposal, it is suggested to read the user manual and guidelines; and make ready all relevant information, documents and research plan.
  7. There is no separate budget head for the consumables. It will be required to add under budget head contingency.
  8. Registration in the e-PMS portal and filling in the Personal, Education and Experience information is mandatory for Co-PI also.
  9. As per Guidelines for Extramural Research Programme of ICMR. (Letter No.16/107/2008-(3) Admn.11 Dated: 01.01.2018) Scientists/ Professionals who have regular employment are eligible to apply for research grants in the Adhoc project program. The contractual, Adhoc, project staff etc. are not eligible to apply for a research grant in the Adhoc project program. Therefore, all PIs are advised to ensure the nature of employment of PI/Co-PI before the process to submission or addition as PI/Co-PI.
  10. It is suggested to submit your proposal without waiting last date and time to avoid the last time rush. Last-minute request for extension of the due date w.r.t. any technical issue will not be considered.
  11. Detailed Research Proposal, Declaration & Attestation, Details of Research Experience as PI, Nonavailability Equipment Form (If proposed to procurement of any equipment from grant) are mandatory to upload during proposal submission. The remaining documents can be submitted during Codal Document submission.

Proposal can be submitted in following broad areas

Broad Area Major Discipline/Subject Area
Basic Medical Sciences Allergy, Anatomy, Anthropology, Biochemistry, Cellular And
Molecular Biology, Drug Development Initiatives, Gene Editing,
Gene Therapy, Genomics, Genomics & Molecular Medicine,
Haematology, Human Genetics, Immunology, Medicinal Plants,
Nanomedicine, Pharmacology, Physiology, Proteomics, Stem Cell
Research & Therapy, Toxicology, Traditional Medicine, Translational
Immunology, Translational Neurosciences
Epidemiology and
Communicable Disease
AES, Antimicrobial Resistance, Biosafety & Biosecurity, Capacity
Enhancement Training, Cholera and Enteric Diseases, Climate and
Health, Clinical Registry Based investigation, Clinical Trials and
Clinical Studies, Community Based Research, Drug DevelopmentPhase I/Phase II Clinical Trial, Epidemiological Investigations,
Evidence Based Policy, Filariasis, Foodborne Outbreaks, Health Care
Utilization, Health Security, Health System Research, HIV, Infectious
Diseases, Infectious Diseases in North East India, Innovative
Vaccine/Delivery Medicine, Leishmaniasis, Leprosy, Malaria,
Mycology, Other Microbial Diseases, Outbreak Investigation
Intelligence, Pandemic Preparedness, Pharmacological Studies,
Polio, Projection based on modeling, Quantitative Investigation, STD,
Tribal Health Research, Tuberculosis, Vaccine Development- Basic
Science Research, Vector biology and Control, Venereology, Viral
Diseases, Viral Diseases Vaccines, Viral Hepatitis, Zoonosis
Biomedical Informatics Bioinformatics
(Proposals involving collection, management and analysis (AI/ML
etc.) of Biomedical data)
Reproductive Biology and
Maternal Health, Child Health
Adolescent Health, Assisted Reproductive Technologies, Basic
Reproductive Biology, Cellular And Molecular Reproduction, Child
And Adolescent Nutrition, Child Health, Contraception,
Electromagnetic Field And Health, Evidence Based Medicine In
Maternal And Child Health, Female Contraception, Female
Infertility, Male Contraception, Male Infertility, Maternal And Child
Health, Maternal Health, New Born Health, North East Seed Grant
Scheme, Obstetrics, Paediatric HIV & Cancer, Perinatal Health,
Reproductive Cancer, Reproductive Endocrinology And
Immunology, Reproductive Health, Still Birth, Tribal Adolescent
Health, Tribal Child Health


Date for submission of full-length research proposal

  • Start Date – 18/11/2021 Time 9:00 a.m.
  • End Date – 17/12/2021 Time 5:00 p.m.

For Program/call for proposals related queries

Contact – Division of Biomedical Informatics, ICMR, New Delhi
Email Address[email protected].
Telephone No. – 011-26589571

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