Humans Really Think Rationally
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Humans Really Think Rationally? – Voice of Biotecnika

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Humans have intelligent minds and can make every decision rationally….really??….Are you all giving a second thought to this….hahaha you will! So guess it’s right everyone, today’s podcast will be a really engaging one…So why wait let’s take a roller coaster ride into the human mind!

Well, do we really make decisions rationally?….. Well, the answer to this question is NO. We all pretend to be rational consciously but in reality, it’s a big NO. We only have the capacity for rational thought but not decisions. This enormous ability is literally a part of a large neurobiological/psychological domain that is driven by emotion and complicates matters further. We all have a specific dimension for our thoughts that doesn’t appear to be emotional but is far away from rational thought.

Do you know that there are several models that explain rationalism in Humans, some of which include-Rational the decision-making model which has a decision tree and logical evaluation of the cost/benefit, and produces logically sound decisions and on the other hand we have a very simplified and intuitive decision model which was proposed by Genco in 2013?

Step 1: Information processing

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selective attention test – YouTube

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