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GATE Exam Tips: Important Do’s & Don’ts 

Gratitude Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is one of the most renowned exams in India offering several opportunities for students to advance their careers. The examination is conducted in 29 subjects or disciplines and applicants can choose any based on their field of interest.

GATE is a national test managed & authorized in eight zones throughout the country. The examination is organized by IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology), IISc (Indian Institute of Science) & GATE committee on behalf of the Department of Education, National Coordinating Board & Ministry of Human Resources Development. The intention of the examination is to assess the expertise of potential candidates in subjects such as science & engineering. The scorecard is even employed by many PSUs (Public Sector Undertakings) for hiring candidates for specific jobs at Hindustan Petroleum, GAIL, Indian Oil, and so on.

Due to fierce competition and an increasing number of applicants annually, proper preparation is necessary. Students need to have a thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts & their applications.

As the foremost tip, candidates have to gather all the pertinent study materials, even the previous year’s question papers. Plan a timetable with sufficient & dedicated

time for individual topics in your chosen subject.

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Candidates who aspire to score well must consider these crucial GATE Exam Tips, Do’s & Don’ts for the GATE exam.

Importance Of The GATE Exam For Biotech / Life Science Students

Do’s For Acing The GATE Exam

GATE Exam Tips

1. While preparing for the GATE exam

  • Select the subject carefully: There are 29 subjects in the GATE exam as of now. According to your proficiency, expertise, and skill, choose the subject that will help you ace the GATE exam. Additionally, prepare for the GATE exam based on the weightage of marks.
  • Check the latest official syllabus: GATE aspirants need to prepare topics according to the official syllabus. IIT Kharagpur will be organizing GATE 2022. Check the official website to get the latest version of the GATE syllabus.
  • Understand the GATE exam pattern: Questions are framed based on the exam pattern provided by the exam organizing body. It is important for candidates to learn about the pattern of the GATE exam. This can help them understand the frequently asked questions, the difficulty level of certain questions, and how the problems are framed. This can additionally help them in planning & streamlining preparation accordingly. Previous years’ question papers are another means to know the GATE exam pattern.
  • Devise a proper study plan: Make sure you create a good study plan prior to the GATE exam preparation. How much time do you have daily for GATE preparation? What are your strong & weak areas? Which topics did you cover? What do you need to study? Particularly, if you are studying during your college.
  • Make a perfect & suitable timetable: One of the imperative things GATE aspirants need to do is focus on time management. Therefore, create a clear & detailed timetable for everything and strictly follow it.
  • Study well: Candidates who have a comprehensive or in-depth knowledge of their subjects can easily score well for the GATE exam. Contrarily, those who learn superficially will find it hard to clear the GATE exam. Therefore, have a thorough study of the basic concepts. Keep a different note for all the important numerical problems, equations, and formulae for your convenience.
  • Mark the difficult & easy topics: Candidates need to point out difficult & easy topics according to their preparation and study level. This way students can decide which topic to give more or less attention to. GATE question papers are prepared

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  • Practice as many times as possible: Practice helps you in boosting your confidence and thereby increases your chance of getting good scores for the GATE exam. Try to solve sample papers and previous year’s question papers to get a clear picture of the exam pattern. Additionally, thorough practicing helps in improving accuracy and avoiding silly mistakes. While practicing with mock tests, attempt to answer questions with multiple formulas or concepts. By this approach, one can determine which is the best formula for certain questions.
  • Revise your topics well: Revision serves a crucial role in your GATE exam preparation. If you wish to clear the GATE exam with good scores, remember to set aside a specific time for revision once you are finished with the syllabus. Go through each and every topic and recall what you learned before. Revision must be monitored & planned according to the level of difficulty. If specific topics ate hard to remember or need more attention, they must be more regularly revised to solidify the concepts. Make a separate notebook for imperative formulas. This will help a lot during revision.

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  • Stay focused: Remain focused on achieving your objectives and goals. Aspirants can learn from their previous mistakes while preparing for the GATE exam.

  • Exercise regularly: Yoga & exercises will enhance your memory. Therefore, do light exercises daily to keep you physically and mentally strong.
  • Join a good GATE coaching program: If you are not confident with self-study, enroll in any good GATE coaching program for a better result. These institutes or coaching centers help you focus on the GATE exam preparation according to your ability & skills.
  • Refer books from expert writers: The question papers are made by professionals from NITs, IITs, IISc, and other institutes. So, it is wise to use books written by experienced expert faculty which are detailed with analytical details of every topic. These books are easy to understand for students, even for first-timers.

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  • Practice time management: The total length of the GATE examination is 3 hours and candidates need to answer all the problems within the particular time interval. Few questions need smart assumptions and lengthy calculations. Therefore, it is crucial to be proficient in managing time during the GATE exam. So, GATE aspirants need to practice time management to ace the exam.
  • Meditate & relax on the last day: With the right approach & positive attitude, students can definitely score well in the GATE exam. So, it is imperative for candidates to calm & relax their minds before the exam day. They must stay clear of any unwanted tensions.

2. While attempting the GATE exam

  • Get to the exam center early: Reach the exam hall at least 30 minutes prior to the reporting time. This can help you calm your mind before the GATE exam.
  • Analyze the paper before you start answering: A complete analysis of the questions reduces the possible misunderstandings. Carefully peruse all the questions without spending too much time. If you come across any hard questions, remember to mark them, so that you can give more attention. Another thing you can do is mark the keywords to minimize additional mistakes. Try to complete answering 30 minutes before the given time to proofread your answers. Candidates need to go through the instructions in the papers well.
  • Answer the General Aptitude (GA) section first: GA is one of the simplest sections out of all in the GATE exam because it has the basic numerical ability and English questions. This part comprises 10 questions with 1.5 marks for each question. Since this is the easiest section, you must begin answering the GA section. You can easily complete this in 20 minutes. This will give you enough time to cover the rest of the paper.
  • Plan & decide your approach:  Even the most prepared & focused students fail their GATE exam due to poor approach. Review the questions carefully and mark those that need more attention. After finishing the GA section, begin technical questions which carry 1 mark each. Keep the 2 marks questions to the last since it takes time. Additionally, you need to concentrate on the MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) since these questions are easier to answer compared to NAQs (Numerical Answer Questions).

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  • Use quick strategies whenever possible: Some formulas & tricks help students in answering mathematical & numerical problems easily during the GATE exam. These quick strategies help them in simplifying hard & tricky problems. Whenever you come across any difficult question, remember to use the tricks.
  • Keep a positive & focused mind: Regardless of the nature of the situation, try to maintain a positive attitude throughout the GATE exam. Work hard to give your best shot at this exam with a focused approach. There is a high risk of mistakes when you attempt hastily. Bear in mind to follow an attentive & positive approach while perusing the questions.
  • Answer all the numerical questions: For the GATE exam, there is no negative marking for numerical questions. So, you can confidently answer all the numerical questions without any worry.
  • Use a limit for answering: Generally, GATE questions can be answered with a maximum of 8 steps. If it goes beyond that, it is wise to recheck the answer.
  • Use the ‘eliminate the wrong/irrelevant’ answer method: For MCQs, use this approach such that you will be having a filtered option of solutions.

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Don’ts For Acing The GATE Exam


1. While preparing for the GATE exam

  • Do not get distracted: GATE aspirants need to remain focused during the preparation. Aspirants with good concentration have a high chance of getting astounding results. Also, remember to focus on your studies rather than bothering about other candidates’ preparation
  • Do not follow many books: Stick to a few specific & good books for reference. If you refer to multiple books for a topic, it may cause confusion. For each topic, you can use a maximum of 1-2 books.
  • Do not study out of syllabus topics: Too much preparation is not good for GATE aspirants. It can even keep them off track with the actual syllabus. Focus on the specific syllabus given by the organizing body for the GATE exam.
  • Do not waste time: Do not waste your valuable time playing games, watching movies, or television, instead use this precious time for the GATE preparation. If you are too tired, do some exercise like cycling, walking, yoga, etc.
  • Do not mug up the equation or formulas: Avoid mugging up the equations rather try to learn the basic concepts. Most of the questions in the GATE exam are indirect, so students need to apply the concepts. Hence they need to be thorough with the concepts.
  • Do not lose confidence: Don’t get depressed or disheartened if you fail to clear on the first attempt or if you get low scores for the GATE exam. Work hard and keep practicing.
  • Don’t lose balance: GATE aspirants need to concentrate on both analytical & theoretical problems. In order to ace the GATE exam, you need to be good at solving any kind of question.
  • Do not try last-minute studies: Instead of looking at any new topics at the last moment, it is wise to revise and go through the topics that you are well-versed in. Last-minute studies can cause anxiety and can result in poor performance for the exam.
  • Do not mistake PYQs (Previous Years Questions) for mock tests: GATE aspirants need to go through PYQs during the beginning of the preparation and keep the mock tests for the end.

2. While attempting the GATE exam

  • Do not avoid any questions/sections: Try to answer all the questions. However, bear in mind that the GATE exams have a negative marking scheme. Don’t attempt a question, if you are not fully sure of the answer.
  • Do not omit the mathematics section: Don’t avoid analytical questions as there is more weightage for these questions. You can easily score well if you answer these questions correctly.
  • Do not panic: The more you panic, the more nervous you become. So it is best to give the GATE exam with a positive attitude. If you find it hard to answer a question, don’t panic but attempt answering it with another formula/approach.

Follow these Dos & Don’ts for clearing the GATE exam with flying colors. Please feel free to comment below for more doubts.

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GATE Exam Tips: Do’s & Don’ts, GATE Exam Tips: Do’s & Don’ts ForBiotech & Life Science

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