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What’s up this is Shekhar Suman from Biotecnika and today we are going to talk about something that is going to benefit your career immensely.

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As I always say – Interdisciplinary sciences is where it’s at. Standing at the boundaries of arts, science and commerce is where you can build great products.

No matter your career path – be it biologists, microbiologists, geneticists etc – You will definitely be using computers at some point.

Now the future researcher of this nation or the world is not going to make use of computers for presentations but they will be used for applications such as drug discovery, molecular docking etc

Here at Biotecnika, we felt the need to take this initiative forward.

Here’s presenting – Coding for Biologists!

We want you to stand on the shoulders of computer science and reach greater heights in your research careers.

Coding for Biologists have various tools and techniques, languages etc which will be taught as courses and internships by Biotecnika, so check the link below to enrol and attend these courses.

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