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Let’s imagine science has been successful to make us happy, yes I am talking about a machine or a potion, whereby either pressing a button or drinking the potion you would become happy, would you use it. ….The answer I am sure would be NO.

Hello, everyone! Today I am your host Dr Violet, and today we are here to unravel the science behind happiness.

Happiness is an emotional impact of a human experience. It is a subjective experience. What brings excitement to one person, will not necessarily bother another – but from a psychological aspect, it is necessary to understand this state of mind.

When one thinks about happiness, it’s related to a person’s joy, contentment, and satisfaction or pleasure, which sometimes may be momentarily or it can extend over the period of a lifetime.

Let’s try to answer this question…What makes one happy?… The key to happiness are acts of kindness to others, social contact, celebrating moments with family and friends. Spending money…. on others actually gives more happiness than spending on yourself.

The Science of Happiness…It is the scientific study of what all can make a person happy.

This study was pioneered by Mihaly in the late 1980s. It is believed that the science of happiness came through the evolution of psychology. It came into existence by the pioneers who were psychologists though it also owes its existence to other disciplines, including emotion study, humanism, and the humanities, more important of which is philosophy.

I am going to share some science-backed strategies for more happiness.

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