India Philippines Joint Call

India Philippines Joint Call for R&D Proposals, Applications Invited

India Philippines Joint Call for R&D Proposals, Applications Invited. Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details on the same below:

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In accordance with the provision of Article II of the Programme of Cooperation (POC) in the fields of Science and Technology for the period of 2019-2022 between the Department of Science and Technology (DST) of The Republic of India and the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) of The Republic of the Philippines, the Sides have agreed on the following joint guidelines for implementation –

Joint Research Programs

(1) Purpose

The purpose of these projects is to further advance existing cooperation while establishing a concrete partnership between the two countries by supporting team-to-team collaboration based on the agreed areas of collaboration stated on Article II of the POC.

(2) Format and Eligibility

Joint research projects (JRP) are to be carried out by

involved researchers and team from the two counties. The Filipino and Indian project leaders must hold a full-time position at a higher educational establishment or research and development institution in their respective countries.

(3) Research Areas, Number and Duration of Projects

Research Areas: (1) Virology, (2) Applications of Artificial Intelligence on diverse areas such as Agriculture, Health, and Smart Cities, (3) Blockchain Technologies on Government
Services/ Processes, and (4) Additive Manufacturing of new materials (metal and ceramics)

Number of projects – 1-3 projects

Duration – Two years per project

(4) Financial Support

No cross-border funding will be allowed in the implementation of the joint research program, respectively.

DOST will provide a funding of up to PHP5,000,000.00 for each research project to cover all
relevant expenses. Likewise, the DST will provide not more than 75 Lakh for the funding of
exchange visits, manpower, consumables, small equipment, and contingency for each project to cover the necessary and relative research expenses. Should there be a need for travel to India or to the Philippines as part of the joint research project, the Philippines is paying for the Filipino Researchers’ travelling and living expenses, while India will support the Indian Researchers’ travelling and living expenses.

(5) Application Procedure and Timetable

In order to craft a joint proposal, Filipino and Indian researchers are requested to directly
coordinate with each other. Further, the Filipino researchers are required to submit their
application and proposal to DOST through the DOST Project Management Information
Systems (DPMIS) while the Indian counterparts should submit the same proposal to DST simultaneously within the specific time frame.

For guidance to the Filipino researchers, here are the relevant links:

Indian researchers should submit their proposals following the format available at After registration, they should move to scheme and format section where details about this call would be available under the International Cooperation dashboard. An acknowledgement of the application will be emailed to the applicant within 3-5 working days. Applicants should ensure that their applications have identical titles with Filipino counterparts and have been submitted to the DOST within the set deadline. Only applications endorsed by the competent authorities will be accepted.

Both Sides will conduct respective review and evaluation of the submissions. Based on their
review results, both Sides will make joint selections. Only projects approved by both DOST and DST will be implemented under this program.

The timetable will be as follows (for 2022 funding) –

  • 18 October 2021 – Announcement of Call for Proposals for the Joint Researches/Collaboration
  • 17 January 2022 – Deadline for the submission of full-blown proposals
  • 1 February – 2 May 2022 – Review of the full-blown proposals received. Joint and final agreement on the proposals that have passed respective evaluations
  • 9-20 May 2022 – Send notice of acceptance/regret to researcher-applicants/project leaders
  • 1 June – August 2022 – Processing of documents and other requirements for the fund release
  • October 2022 – Start of implementation

Further, submission of final/accomplishment report must be done upon completion of the project.

(6) Review Criteria

The DOST and DST will review the applications using a parallel evaluation process, each Side according to its regulations and review procedures.

The following criteria are to be taken into consideration when evaluating the applications:
(a) Program/Project Leader’s competence and commitment to undertake the project;
(b) Scientific merit – sound scientific basis to generate new knowledge or to apply
existing knowledge in an innovative manner;
(c) Technical and financial feasibility
(d) Methodology/strategies for implementation – the project provides the procedures
involved, materials used, sampling procedures, statistical analysis, scope and
limitations, time, and place of study;
(e) Reasonable timeframe;
(f) Potential techno-takers as partners – project should identify the possible and
potential adopters of the technology to be developed;
(g) Plans for research utilization – project should include plans on how R&D result will
be used by the potential end-users;
(h) Institutional capacity – ability of the institution to implement the project using their
existing and proposed facilities;
(i) Potential socio-economic impact – potential of the project to create/provide
employment, increase income, and address current and pressing national problems;
(j) Potential environmental and health impact – project should not have adverse effect
on the environment and/or public health; and
(k) Political, cultural, and gender sensitivity – adaptability and acceptability of the
project to the Philippines’ and India’s political context, culture, tradition, gender, and

(7) Others

Communication with regard to the implementation of the above activities will be carried out
between the Office of the Assistant Secretary for International Cooperation – International
Technology Cooperation Unit at DOST and the Department of International Cooperation at

Contact details for Indian researchers
Dr. Sulakshana Jain
Scientist ‘E’
International Bilateral Cooperation Division
Department of Science & Technology
Ministry of Science & Technology
Technology Bhavan, New Mehrauli Road
New Delhi-110016
E-mail: [email protected].

Click here to download detailed r&d project proposal 

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