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We all have become prone to the term ‘’Online’’ now. The meaning of traditional classrooms has changed over time with seeping technological advancements. Google meet, Google classroom, smart screens, Projectors…Children are more versed with these recurring education tools. The perks offered by the traditional classrooms are now being provided by E-Learning platform services.

Hello everyone….this is Priyanjana, your host for the podcast and am back again with another power pack session that deals with the big question of the era…..Is online learning the future of Education?….. What do you think…… Well I hope am reading your minds…..yes of course “Future of Online Learning & Education System”

In today’s session, we will be discussing 7 aspects in which we will visualize how this e-learning platform can be the future of our budding aspirants

We will discuss both the positives and the possible negatives of this scenario that has been presented to us in these pandemic scenarios.

Overcoming the challenges in online learning

Now, yes it is true that online learning has not only paved a way for better learning but also reinforces the entire

system in terms of cost-benefit and most importantly recruitment drives have shaped the consistency of e-learning platforms.

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