CSIR-NET Exam 2021 Dates – Latest News Updates by CSIR-HRDG


Time to rejoice BioTecNikans. We have finally some respite after months and months of waiting. As per the official Twitter handle of CSIR-HRDG (@HRDG_CSIR) they have assured the dates for the exam will be released soon. This comes as a huge weight lifted off the shoulders of all CSIR NET aspirants.

Check CSIR Official Tweet Below:


We’ve been in this for the long haul. BioTecNika has been there every step of the way and we will continue to do so. As you know Biotecnika has its own Biotecnika Official App. We are just in the last leg of the FREE Crash Course which was conducted there. We also have Bullet Revision Course for CSIR NET Exam happening every weekend from 11 am. Download the Biotecnika App and you can join.

Biotecnika has a proven track record of 1000’s students clearing CSIR NET and even GATE with the help of BioTecNika. It’s clear that students who enrolled with us early had better chances of clearing

the CSIR NET & GATE Exams in the first attempt.

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How do Biotecnika’s classes help you?

To ace the upcoming CSIR NET Exam, you need to start from scratch and cover the syllabus, and we have the perfect set of tools that will help you.

  • Exam Focussed Daily classes- take classes at the comfort of your home
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  • Various other tools to help you revise better

CSIR NET & GATE Course Content:

  • Online Coaching from Biotecnika’s well-qualified and experienced teachers.
  • Printed Study Material for CSIR NET (Life Science): 14 Books (13 books as per syllabus + 1 book for Part A)
  • Printed Study Material for GATE (Biotechnology): Set of 4 books with MCQ’s
  • Online Study Portal: Our state of art e-learning portal equips you with video recordings of every lecture that you attend ( e-copy of books, presentation’s, animations, and e-copy flashcards will be provided to get the concept registered into your mind)
  • Unlimited Classes: We do not limit your classes; attend as many classes as you can, no limits because our goal is your success.
  • Weekly tests, Monthly tests, AIMNET and AIMGATE Test Series
  • Double & Triple Success Guarantee programs to choose from
  • Additional Study Tools for smart preparation, practice, and revisions
  • Konceptika Lite e-Copy
  • Koncept Table e-Copy
  • Koncept Wheel e-Copy
  • Koncept Cloud e-Copy
  • Quick Net Revisor e-Copy
  • 24*7 Chat Support for Doubt Solving

Chat with our experts, and we will help you find the perfect exam preparation strategy for you.

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