COVID & Heart Attack
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COVID & Heart Attack Link – Voice of Biotecnika

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“You are not rich until you have a rich heart.” When the heart speaks, the mind finds it indecent to object.”

Yes, We may find countless quotes, poems, stories, articles or research studies based on the HEART, which is certainly not just a muscular organ known to pump blood through the blood vessels of the circulatory system rather it has always been considered as the locus of physical and spiritual being, signifies the love, compassion, emotions, affection, speaks for the wisdom of feeling against the wisdom of reason- the head. One who knows how to sustain a balance between reasons and emotions enjoys the essence of life ever.

Hello everyone, I am Dr Nidhi and in today’s podcast of mine, I have brought a very thoughtful topic on the platform of your own Voice of Biotecnika. Yes, you have guessed it right – It’s all about our Heart, but with a perspective of its connection to the recent COVID pandemic.

Let’s take a closer look at COVID & Heart Attack Link in this podcast!

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