BioTecNika Superfan Contest – Win Goodies & Gifts Up to Rs. 1 Lakh!

Hey Biotecnikans!

We are delighted to announce the BioTecNika Superfan Contest that begins today. Woo hoo! 💃

After the grand success of Two mega-events conducted on 5th Sept 2021 and 2nd Oct 2021, we found it imperative that we give back to our most dear and loyal subscribers and fans.

You are the reason team Biotecnika is always motivated to do more and give back more to the biosciences community. You have always had our back and supported us through all phases.

Your unwavering loyalty makes us feel so proud to be part of the tribe that is Biotecnika.

This BioTecNika Superfan contest is for all you dear fans, just follow the instructions below and 5 lucky winners will be chosen to win goodies & gifts up to Rs. 1 Lakh from the Biotecnika store! 😲

How easy is that? By being a loyal fan and subscriber you can now win amazing goodies. This festive season Biotecnika is in the mood to celebrate and give back to the community that has made us this strong. Thank you so much for your continued support! 🤗

Now let’s get to the fun part! 🥳

How to enter this contest?

The contest has already begun and its last date for entry is 10th October 2021

  • Shoot a video telling us why you are a superfan of Biotecnika & its app.
  • Apply online via
  • *Win goodies & gifts up to Rs. 1 Lakh from Biotecnika store*
  • Results will be announced on 11th October 2021.

That’s it. It’s that simple 😇

We want to make it a double dhamaka on 11th October 2021. It is Biotecnika’s 15th Birthday 🎂 AND most importantly the winners of the Biotecnika Superfan Contest will be announced.

Don’t forget to Download our Biotecnika App and tune in on 11th October for the celebrations!



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See you soon and get filming! 🤳

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