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Biotecnika Article Writing Contest – Get Published & Win Prizes Up to Rs. 1 Lakh

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Biotecnika is back at it again with another gift. Article Writing Contest will commence from 11th October 2021. This is your chance to win amazing prizes, get published, and get a certificate. 3 winners will be chosen and will receive some wonderful gifts.

This is your time to shine. Put your thoughts on paper and stand a chance to win amazing gifts courtesy of Biotecnika. We know there are many talented writers out there and you’ll have amazing insight as well, so let’s show the world what you’re made of.

If you want more details on the contest then read below:

Date of Announcement: 11th Oct

Article Topics – (Select any one among the following):

  1. Global Warming & Climate Change – Propaganda Vs the Truth
  2. Pandemic – Then, Now & Future
  3. How India Can Become The Bioscience Superpower of the World
  4. Bio-Entrepreneurship – Risk, Challenges and why you must take it as a career
  5. Life on Mars – Do we really need the red planet? Challenges, Risks Vs benefits
  6. Ways to Improve the speed of Biological research
  7. BioSafety – An important but ignored aspect of R&D
  8. Interdisciplinary Sciences – How they can change the world
  9. Why Governments & Investors Ignore the BioSciences field?
  10. How can Biotecnika revolutionize the field of Biosciences?

Does it have a prize?

  • The winning article will be published
  • 3 winners will be announced
  • 1st PrizeRs 1 Lakh Worth products from Biotecnika stores & Hard Copy Certificate
  • 2nd PrizeRs 50,000 Worth Products from Biotecnika Stores & e certificate
  • 3rd PrizeRs 25,000 Worth Products from Biotecnika Stores & e certificate


  • Word limit – Not more than 4000 Words, Not less than 1000 words
  • 1 Entry Per Person
  • Articles with 0% plagiarism only will be selected
  • Check Plagiarism Using:

Eligibility: / Btech / Mtech / PhD in any Bioscience Subject can apply.

Deadline To Submit The Article: 11th Nov 2021

Announcement of Winners: 1st Dec 2021

So get all of your writing equipment out and pen down your valuable thoughts and opinion. All the best to all the contestants.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Does this Article writing Contest have an entry fee?

This contest is absolutely Free for all Biotecnika subscribers, students, and loyal followers. You can bring in your friends too!

Do all participants get Certificates?

No, there is no participation certificate. Only the winners will be getting the Certificate.

How many articles can one person submit?

Only one Topic and One article is allowed per person.

What format should the article be in?

Strictly PDF formats only

Are references inclusive of the word limit?

No excluding the references the article should not be less than 1000 words and more than 4000 words

Can I submit a previously published article?

Previously published articles will not be entertained.

Can professionals also participate in this contest?

Yes, of course, you can! This contest is open to all with a Bioscience background.

What if I miss the deadline?

Oops, better luck next time… Download the app- and never miss out on such announcements again



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  1. I am from arts department and I want to apply if you will allow me because eligibility is for Science students only
    Please give me permission to take part


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