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This Teacher’s Day Biotecnika announced the FREE Molecular Docking Internship for all students, bioprofessionals and bioscience enthusiasts who are set out to secure their dream careers in the biosciences industry!

Whether you are a recent graduate, still studying or a researcher, job seeker or just plain curious. Attend this FREE Molecular Docking Internship which is exclusive to the Biotecnika App! All you have to do is download the app and attend!

To assist all biosciences students and professionals we are bringing you the Free Molecular Docking Internship

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Every year we get tonnes of queries regarding internships, so we decided why not give back? Everyone out there is looking to gain that competitive edge by upgrading their resume. So why not take the help of Biotecnika? A friend of the biosciences industry for 15 years. Take advantage of our experts and stand

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Why Molecular Docking Internship?

Technology is moving at a rapid pace and advances are being made every day. Applications of said technologies have proved to be of immense value in the biosciences industry these days. Being knowledgeable of all of the latest trends gives you a leg up on the competition. Do not get left behind. Take advantage of this offer today! Download the Biotecnika app and stay tuned.

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Sessions Topic Content Date Day Faculty
1 Introduction Brief on Molecular Modelling and Docking
System Requirement/ Software Tools
The outcome of this internship
15th September Wednesday Dr Seethalakshmi
2 Molecular Modeling Basics Introduction to computational chemistry
Molecular mechanics and Force fields
Inter and intramolecular interactions
20th September Monday Ms Rucha
3 Protein Modelling Concept of Protein Modeling
Methods: Homology Modelling,
22nd September Wednesday Dr Seethalakshmi
4 Protein Modelling Fold Recognition method, Ab-initio Method,
Demo on tools: Swiss model
Model Validation and visualization
27th September Monday Dr Seethalakshmi
5 Target Identification and Preparation Docking Introduction
Types of docking
Mechanics of Docking
Drug target identification
Characteristics of drug target
Role of target identification in drug discovery
29th September Wednesday Ms Rucha
6 Target Identification and Preparation Target structure Prediction
Drug targets at a molecular level
Computational approaches in target identification
Target preparation
Visualizing target in PyMOL
4th October Monday Ms Rucha
7 Ligand Identification Introduction on Ligand
Structure File Formats
Chemical Compound Database
6th October Wednesday Dr Seethalakshmi
8 Ligand Identification File format conversion (open babel)
Basic of Chemsketch (small molecules)
11th October Monday Dr Seethalakshmi
9 Protein-Ligand Docking Introduction to Autodock
Protein preparation
Ligand preparation
Grid Generation
13th October Wednesday Ms Rucha
10 Protein-Ligand Docking Docking
Docking Result Analysis 1 (play)
18th October Monday Ms Rucha


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    • currently, we are awaiting apple’s approval for the ios app. We request you to attend in Android platform will he time we get this fixed

  1. Hello .. I missed today class.. Bt hope to attend further classes.. Bt i do have an doubt.. Will the recording of every class.. Be it internship or csir free crash course.. Be available always or for some days only? (The recordings) coz i searched for previous dated classes of csir net bt couldn’t find it.. So plzz do clarify my doubt.. And it would be more helpful if the recordings would be available always..

  2. I have a doubt, will i get internship certificate, if i missed first session. But
    i am going to attend remaining all sessions.

  3. We where informed that link for this course will be posted on biotecnika website. But I am unable to find that link
    where can I see that link on website???


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