Know Your Biotech Company Series Starts 17th Sept 2021

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In the 1st Session of the Know Your Biotech Company Series, We will be Talking about BHARAT BIOTECH.

Tune in to the Biotecnika app on 17th September 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

The rest of the KYC series Schedule with the company list will be updated shortly.

Dear Biotecnikan

This Teacher’s Day Biotecnika announced the Free Know Your Biotech Company (KYC) Series for all students, Bio-professionals, and bioscience enthusiasts who are set out to secure their dream jobs in the biosciences industry!

Whether you are a recent graduate or a researcher, job seeker, or just plain curious. Attend this FREE KYC Series which is exclusive to the Biotecnika App! All you have to do is download the app and swipe your way to a dream career.

To assist all biosciences students and professionals we are bringing you the Free Know Your Biotech Company Series

Have you claimed your free spot yet?

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Every year lakhs of students graduate, it is a very

competitive job market out there. And to be honest many are unaware of all of the opportunities that are available for them. So why not take the help of Biotecnika? A friend of the biosciences industry for 15 years. Take advantage of our experts and stand apart from the competition.

How to use the App?

  • After Installing: Visit Webinar section >> Upcoming to see Schedule
  • Tune in on 17th September for 1st session from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
  • Do not panic if no schedule is seen, it will be updated shortly.

Agenda of Webinar:

  • Biodata of the most important and well-known companies in the biosciences sector. A complete breakdown of the careers, jobs, vacancies, interview process, and more.

Why Know Your Biotech Company Series?

How many of us are actually aware of all the biotech companies that are changing the game as we speak? We always stick to the handful that we know. Step out of that bubble and explore something new. And who better to guide you in this than Biotecnika?

It is time to take charge and become the architect of your career! Biotecnika is here to support you achieve your dreams.

BioTecNika is committed to providing you with the best facility for all your career needs, and we stand by it.

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and make the best use of this amazing opportunity

Don’t forget to tune in on 17th September

Our Mission: BioTecNika Revolution

Our Vision: To Reach every Bio Professional in the world and help them build a strong career

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