CSIR NET Action Plan – What to do in absence of CSIR NET Exam

15 points: What should be your action plan in absence of CSIR NET this year

Hello and welcome to Biotecnika. I’m your host Shekhar Suman and today we are
going to give you 15 strategies, not one not two 15 strategies which you can adopt in the absence or in the case of a delayed CSIR-NET.

Well, we are optimistic here and are confident the CSIR NET Exam notification will be released and the exam will be held this year.

I have 15 magical points that I would like to share with all of you which will help you grow in your career while you are waiting for CSIR NET. This kind of delay should not impact your career and the show must go on.

So let’s get started!

The first point is:

1. Don’t stop preparing

This is a very obvious statement. But the issue is we feel hopeless because there is no end in sight for this preparation. Don’t lose hope just keep on your path to prepare and don’t get distracted.

2. Get Certified

Life sciences is a vast field, diverse in its

nature. Pick something that you are passionate about and do a certification course on it. In fact, Biotecnika stores has around 50-60 different certifications. So check it out and add it to your resume. The certifications are economically priced and you even get lifetime access and a certificate as well. So do check the Biotecnika stores page for more.

3. Join as an Intern

Either get a paid internship or pay and get an internship. Multiple organizations and Biotecnika also provides internships. Hands-on is a little difficult in these pandemic scenarios but many virtual ones are available. Biotecnika is offering virtual internships in Bioinformatics and Molecular Docking as well.

4. Join short term diploma courses

Enrol in short term courses like scientific writing, clinical research etc. This shows that you did something during the pandemic scenario.

5. Gain Teaching Experience

This is for aspirants who want to pursue teaching, academia and are targeting lecturership. Join an organization and do some serious teaching. College or university teaching at BSc or MSc level adds to your CV.

6. Write Research Articles & Review Articles

If you are a passionate researcher then writing and publishing your research in peer-reviewed journals is something you can do. You gain experience, you gain some certification and this adds value to your CV. Helps you stand out from the crowd. That is what most are looking for these days in CV’s.

7. Join as research associate/assistant in R&D labs

Join as a temporary research associate/assistant gives you the flexibility to work part-time and prepare for your upcoming exam. These temporary projects will give you some experience. There will be no gap in your CV as well.

8. Look for jobs in companies

The various companies that have a lot of manufacturing happening because of COVID. Companies like Zydus or Bharat Biotech, Serum Institute – require manpower. Production, R&D and QC jobs are all available on Naukri etc.

9. Learn to program

Why must you learn programming? In the future biosciences will merge with IT, so why not be a catalyst for this process? Neuralink is an example. Python, Biopython, Bioinformatics, Molecular docking and Molecular modelling are some courses that you can try online.

10. Public Speaking

My personal forte is public speaking. Because you will have to present a thesis, attend a conference, presenting your paper or research. Even an interview needs communication skills. You need to be expressive and be convincing.

11. Other Fellowships

While waiting for CSIR NET, you can apply for GATE (XL & BT), DBT JRF BET (following year), ICMR, ARS NET, state-level exams and even CUCET, IIT JAM even.

12. Get hands-on Experience

Multiple companies in major cities are available which will give you hands-on training. There will be a charge but there is no harm in investing in yourself and your career.

13. Join as a JRF

Though this is a temporary opportunity this is a golden opportunity since you get to work in a lab, get to work with great scientists, get to know research organizations and get to convert your JRF into a PhD.

14. Look for Govt Jobs

Download the Biotecnika app section, you can check the job section and check out the government jobs posted there. Though it may seem like an impossible task, once you start applying you get the hang of applying for these posts and you can always do a trial and error and refine your CV and gain experience in acing the interview process.

15. Personal branding and networking

Concentrate on your LinkedIn profile. Update it with certifications, awards, participate in forums and all of these help your potential employers to gain good insight on you as a candidate. You can also use it to connect with like-minded people and this also helps in getting a job.

The video of CSIR NET Action Plan – What to do in absence of the CSIR NET Exam goes more in detail, this article is just an overview. For more links, you can also check the description box.

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And don’t forget to download the app and stay tuned because we have many more endeavours to share with you all.

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See you in the next one!

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