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Hey guys whatsup? This is Shekhar Suman here from Biotecnika and today we are going to talk about How to Become the Best Scientist In The World?! Becoming Successful Scientist Tips. How to become the most successful scientist in the world and I am going to give you 10 pointers on how to do that!

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The first point is

Point 1: Be passionate

Most of the time you’ll hear that you need to become passionate about your field or subject. But it’s not just that. What I am saying is to choose a ‘microniche’ in that subject. So for example bacteriology or staphylococcus and become passionate about that particular topic and then start working on it.

Passion is when you don’t focus solely on the monetary aspect but satisfaction is more important to you. Money is a by-product of your success, so your goal should be to become the best you can be in the microniche that you’re passionate about and that will automatically translate into monetary gains as well.

Point 2: Be a creative thinker

As a scientist, it is not common for us to follows SOP’s. Great discoveries were not made following some procedure. It was all by chance, or by thinking out of the box. For example – the discovery of penicillin is not something that was because of following a set of protocols, but from there other parameters were designed. Another example being Archimedes and how he discovered buoyancy while sitting in his tub!

So take inspiration from nature and everyday life and incorporate it into your research. If you want to learn how to develop your creative thinking skills in life there is a book linked below.

Point 3: Identify current trends and work on it

Efforts are not enough, it needs the right direction as well. So look at the current trends around you, right now it’s Virology, epidemiology, CRISPR, NGS, Bioinformatics etc. So if you want to become the best scientist 10 or 20 years from now, you need to pick up on the current trend and work on it.

Where there is a will there is a way, so no matter what your stream you can still achieve your dreams. Analyze the trends, see if it aligns with your passion and go for it.

Point 4: Taking risks

Take calculated risks. Yes, sometimes there will be repercussions. Remember what Ratan Tata said – “Take a decision and then make it right” so take the risk, take the decision and become the best in the globe. As the day progresses your risks will become your strength.

Point 5: Identify what impact, your research has on society

If the research you’re working on doesn’t have a global impact then it can never stand out from the crowd. Identify your passion, current global trends, and take stock of the situation and think if it creates an impact on society.

Keep up with global opportunities and research via Biotecnika Global.

Point 6: Focus on quality of research

Quality over quantity. Don’t be bothered by vanity metrics. Does your research have a global impact? Are you publishing in impacting journals? Working with the right people matters. So don’t just go by the number of papers published instead ensure your work is meaningful on the global scale.

Point 7: Focus on team building

When you get further in your career, you will be in a position where you will head a team. Now many times there is a lack in people skills and hence you will never find people willing to work with you. People Management Skills is something which all of us should learn and one of the ways you can do that is by Developing Communication Skills & Public Speaking Skills, a course which is readily available on Biotecnika.

Point 8: Applying for funding for your research

Biotecnika has all of the latest on the funding available because this is an important aspect since you need to pay the people working under you.

Point 9: Embracing rejection and failure

Failures will be there everywhere and rejections will be part of your success story. Rejection & failure is part of the process and not an exception to the process.

Point 10: Never stop learning, stay productive, and develop your learning skills

Never stop learning, develop your learning abilities and be productive. As a student of Life, there will always be learning. Never become a victim of circumstance but a student of circumstance. You need to keep learning new skills and keep up with new trends and this is the way to success.

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