Top Biotecnika Certification Courses – 10 Best Selling Biotech & Life Sciences

In this video, we will talk about the Top Biotecnika Certification Courses and look at the top 10. 

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Life Sciences is an incredibly vast and burgeoning field. This boom is due to the development and application of many new technologies like PCR, CRISPR, Artificial intelligence, quantum biology, etc.

Now, with the industry advancing, it is evident that students and job-seekers also need to be updated about the recent trends and developments in life sciences. This not only enhances your scientific knowledge but also helps you perform better in job interviews with an impressive resume. Now the sad part is, most universities are still teaching outdated syllabus, which is no longer relevant to the industry, and that is where we, Biotecnika, come into the picture.

Biotecnika has been guiding students for over a decade in advancing their careers in the best direction. Over the years, we have crafted relevant and informative certification courses keeping in mind the technological and conceptual advancements made and applied in recent years. Biotecnika Certification Courses will enable you to upskill and reskill yourself effectively. 

Now, let us look at the ten most popular courses on Biotecnika.

The popularity of this course lies in the topic itself. As we all know, CRISPR is the talk of the town, revolutionizing the world of research in life sciences. CRISPR could potentially change everything involving genes: curing diseases and improving agriculture to repair genetic disorders like sickle cell anemia or hemophilia. Hence knowing about it is an absolute must for students and budding research aspirants. And thats why this course is the darling of all subscribers of Biotecnika. At the time of making this video, roughly 24386 students are enrolled in this course. The links to enroll in this Biotecnika Certification Courses are given in the video description.

With its ultra-high throughput, scalability, and speed, NGS enables researchers to perform a wide variety of applications and study biological systems at a level never before possible. Students opt for this course to keep abreast and match pace with one of the most current advances in molecular biology. And this course makes it to the number in the list of top 10 courses. The best part about this course is it’s completely online and helps you boost your theoretical knowledge about NGS and at the same time enables you to get a glimpse at the practical aspects of the technology as well. The link to enroll in this course is given in the video description.

Alright, this course makes it to the number, possibly because of the pandemic. Nevertheless, Virology is a crucial field with extensive career opportunities. The employment opportunity looks even more promising with the appearance of COVID-19 and other new viruses and the process of constant research, making it a popular choice. Also, the way of presentation in the insightful sessions, the detailed teaching methodology, descriptive explanations with examples are some of the perks of this course. We saw a 1000% increase in virology-related jobs posted on Biotecnika in the last 18 months with an average salary of 5 to 8 lakhs Indian rupees per annum. So this course is a must-have if you are looking to make a career in Virology. The link to enroll in this course is given in the video description.

Molecular biology techniques are used extensively in modern-day drug discovery, research and development, and diagnostics. This certification course is intended to benefit participants seeking basic and advanced-level molecular biology training to participate in molecular biology-related and biotechnological research, supervision, scale-up or manufacturing, other technical operations, or basic/applied research. This course comprises all top-notch Molecular Biology techniques, which are always in high demand no matter which research job you want to grab. The link to enroll in this course is given in the video description.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning help biologists sequencec from the massive data crunch, classify proteins, protein catalytic roles, and biological functions. This course intends to make the participants the most competitive and dynamic knowledge partners in this Artificial intelligence revolution.

In the coming year, innovation in stem cell culture will undoubtedly help in vitro experiments mimic biological reality more closely. The continuing high scope of cell culturing techniques that have prevailed for so long and have evolved only indicates how important it is for students to be aware of them. The best feature of the course is that it covers all details like precise concepts, processes, and properties. The link to enroll in this course is given in the video description.

Knowledge about vaccine design and research offers individuals the opportunity to work on a project that could directly impact public health. The course is top-rated because it helps participants comprehend the basic and advanced concepts of vaccine design, production, the mechanism of action, and applications. The link to enroll in this course is given in the video description.

A thesis statement declares a specific assertion to the reader about what he will try to argue. It is the main idea of a research project or an essay. The research methodology study provides you the necessary training in choosing methods, materials, scientific tools, and training in techniques relevant for the problem chosen and is hence an absolute must for life science students. This course is beneficial for every research coursework. The link to enroll in this course is given in the video description.

PCR is an essential tool for medical diagnosis, detecting, and identifying infectious bacteria and viruses. It is also used in genetic testing to determine whether patients carry a genetic mutation passed on to their children. PCR plays a significant role in future molecular diagnostic techniques. This course covers different types of PCR, techniques, concepts, and applications. The link to enroll in this course is given in the video description.

Currently, the health sciences generate a large amount of data that makes it necessary for a professional to analyze and manage them. In this niche, bioinformatics has a lot to contribute to the pharmaceutical industry and in research centers. This course enriches one’s knowledge of the most current trends and methods, which helps fill the gaps in college-based curriculum and research-related work. The link to enroll in this course is given in the video description.

So these were the ten most popular Biotecnika Certification Courses. You just need to take the first step of enrolling, and we at Biotecnika will guide you through the rest. Even if any one of the certifications is added to your resume or LinkedIn profile, it will undoubtedly make a positive difference and certainly improve your job prospects. 

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