Life Science Career Tips – Top 10 Ways To Progress in Your Career

Top 10 Ways How You Can Progress in Your Life Science Career

Hello and welcome to Biotecnika. I am your host Shekhar Suman and today we will be talking about Life Science Career Tips – Top 10 Ways To Progress in Your Career.

  1. Create a road map: Identify your goals in life. Establish a clear vision for the future. Remember direction is most important 
  2. Expand your knowledge: Gain more information regarding the choices of careers in the field of life sciences. Look beyond the general perspectives known.
  3. Analyze and Understand the Prospects of different Bioscience Career Paths
  4. Follow your passion -Have clarity on the differences between academic and industry options and working environments. This will help to decide in which direction you must make the efforts for advancement.
  5. Make a well – Informed Career Choice– Do not project into the entirely unknown and ambiguous career options. You may seek advice from career counsellors.
  6. Self – Skill analysis. Identify your strengths and skills and then target any specific domain.
  7. Gain experience Look for opportunities to work in the field of your interest through relevant training or internships or projects.
  8. Build a robust chain of networking. Networks help you to reach opportunities that might not be publicly revealed.
  9. Download BioTecNika App – remain proactive not to miss any life science job advertisement.
  10. Look out for government scholarships– fellowship aids/ funds provided by Govt or semi-government organizations in the field of biosciences will help you to get financial independence to further grow in your career.

I have 100 more points and I think we should do a webinar separately maybe. So let me know in the comment section if you want me to do a webinar of 100 strategies for a successful career in life sciences.

I can do a webinar with you that is 100 strategies for success in life sciences career globally not just in India. I want to help you globally wherever you go whether you’re in Malaysia, Indonesia or the US, Egypt or UK. Italy, Germany wherever you want to go, go shine and outshine and that’s why we have Biotecnika Global.

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