CSIR NET Exam vs Preparation – What’s the Similarity? Taliban vs Afghanistan

Hey guys what’s up this is Shekar Suman here from Biotecnika and today I have a

very special message to all those exam aspirants who are writing CSIR NET, GATE and many other exams in the future, so a lot of pointers which I’m going to discuss in
this video so stay tuned.

All right welcome back so now the first point which comes into my mind is you know
I always correlate whatever is happening globally and I always put it into perspective
into what I am doing or what our people are doing, our students are doing and
then try to find out some conclusions for all of you.

So in this premium video, I am going to talk about the recent capture of Afghanistan by the Taliban. You know by some estimates people thought it will take up at least six months or
three months for the Taliban to capture Afghanistan but you can see what happened right? It’s really sad.

It also reiterates how important it is the role of government in any country and how important it is for the citizens like you

and us to contribute towards society, to contribute towards each other and that’s what I want to do with this video.

On one hand, India was celebrating Independence Day, the स्वतंत्रता दिवस and on the other hand, the Taliban captured the capital city of Afghanistan.

Now I want to highlight two points here:

the first one is, who was by the side of the Afghanistan government? The world’s largest superpower right? So even though they had the largest superpower who invested trillions of dollars into Afghanistan, they invested billions of dollars into training the army of Afghanistan, still, the Offical Afghanistani government lost while the Taliban had motivated fighters with one definite goal.

Now I am not praising the Taliban. Whatever the intent might be. All I am trying to show you is two different worlds in this same country.

And this exactly happens to all of you, whenever you people try to prepare for any exam. Let’s say you are preparing for CSIR NET, GATE exam, so you start thinking – you know this person spent a lot of money for their coaching or something like that and they have the best teacher, this person has bought a membership of this app and they have a lot of study material.

I want to let you know that no matter you have the best teacher, the best study material and the best everything in this world. Still, you need to study on your own, still, you need to work on your own self, still, you need to have the right motivation and then you can defeat that person who has all the facilities in the world.

Just like the Taliban fighters who defeated the official Afghan government. Right, so what happens here is you have to not get disillusioned by the types of materials and study material and test series. Everything is available, just stick to one guru, one goal for
one complete year and you’re going to definitely make it.

The problem with all of us is we always feel the grass is greener on the other side but that’s not the truth my dear friend the grass is not greener on the other side, the grass is already greener on this side.

Remember that whatever you have got, just utilize all the resources in the right direction, in one direction and you are going to definitely get results.

So with these thoughts, I wish you good luck and I’ll see you in the next one!

Thank you so much, bye.

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