Unique Therapy for COVID-19

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Unique Therapy for COVID-19 – Welblu Launch by Focelite

Bangalore Bioinnovation Centre plans to launch ‘Welblu’, an innovative solution to treat COVID-19 developed by its start-up Focelite in collaboration with US partner, a curative therapy for COVID-19 positive patients.

A clinical study with this innovative solution has been performed in USA. This study has shown that COVID-19 positive patients who have undergone treatment using Welblu effectively recovered from cytokine storm and respiratory distress in lesser mean time than the control group. Welblu has unique therapeutic action that simultaneously impacts several mechanisms related to COVID -19 complications such as severe hypoxia, hyper inflammatory reactions and the increased death signalling leading to an immunosuppressive state. Likewise, it is seen to be re-adjusting cellular metabolism to a mitochondrion – centred condition that is depriving the COVID virus of energetic and structural supplies.

In predicted wave-3, this product will:

  1. Bridge the gap between vaccinated & the non-vaccinated group
  2. Trial on Pediatric age group is under way.
  3. Will work effectively on coronavirus strain of Alpha, Beta, Delta, Delta +, Gamma
  4. Will help in spreading community transmission in third wave and prevent individual from
    dreadful ICU admissions.
  5. Lessen the Health economic burden of our country on a huge scale.

Clinical trial study outcome indicates that it clears COVID-19 infection within just three days, after receiving treatment. The patients that were positive for Covid-19 but not treated with Welblu showed an average of 3 weeks before obtaining negative test results using a regular treatment line. This phenomenon indicates Welblu is effective in the line of curative treatment for COVID-19 and can be of high potential for the next wave of COVID-19 management.

Bangalore Bioinnovation Centre is a joint initiative of the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India and Department of Electronics, IT, BT and S&T, Government of Karnataka and is a well-known State-of-the-art translational research and entrepreneurship centre catering to all the needs of start-ups in life science.

Dr Jitendra Kumar
Place: Managing Director,
Bangalore Bioinnovation Centre
(A Government of Karnataka Undertaking)

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