Meditation For Exam Stress – 10 Ways Meditation Helps You Qualify CSIR-NET & GATE 

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Ha ha, I am sure some of you will comment saying where is peace and where is happiness when we have to struggle through lessons and chapters to qualify CSIR NET exam in these uncertain times. I know I know and that is why we have come up with today’s video on Meditation For Exam Stress – 10 Ways Meditation Helps You Qualify CSIR-NET & GATE

Let’s Get Started

Today’s session is really an important one, and I am sure it will be beneficial to all. I am sure each one of you knows about MEDITATION but have you ever actually practised it even for 30 seconds? Well, I guess not.

Did you know that Meditation and mindfulness induces an elevated state of awareness and focused attention? In addition, a lot of studies have revealed that practising the same can help relieve stress, manage anxiety, and improve memory and attention, enabling you to reboot.

Now you must be wondering why I am suddenly speaking of Meditation here……the purpose is to enlighten

all of you about the magic of this Meditation For Exam Stress and how it can help you qualify for competitive examinations like CSIR NET and GATE. And how you can stay happy and peaceful while preparing for CSIR NET or any such entrance exam

Let’s start with Number 1

Number 1: Stay Energetic & Focussed:

The most important thing for any examination, especially for the most prestigious examinations of the country like CSIR and GATE, is staying energetic throughout the preparation, It is seen that the more mental energy, the better will be your efficiency. However, this is countered by restlessness. Many students find it difficult to sit for a long time while preparing for exams. This may be due to mental lethargy, tiredness, or general unrest. In this case, meditation helps in relaxing your mind between long study periods, and thus, overcoming this problem.

Number 2: Beat Nervousness & Exam Stress

During exam preparation, it is common to feel disheartened or stressed out. Are you nervous about the peer pressure in your examination?…. Don’t be! Depression and nervousness cause disruption in the learning process and divert our focus when the exam date is nearing. But practising regular meditation can easily take care of that. The Miracle of Meditation is that it can just drive away all the negative energy around us.

Number 3: Solve Exam Anxiety Issues:

Do you have anxiety about securing a good position or bagging a fellowship? The solution would be to calm down, but sometimes, it becomes impossible to overcome such stressful situations, especially during exams. Thus, practising meditation on a regular basis can not only help in coping with the situation but also in performing better even under stressful conditions.

Number 4: Stay Positive & Think Clearly

Facing a competitive exam is often daunting with even the most composed people losing their cool. Meditation is a proven way to find inner peace and thereby, generate positivity towards fulfilling the goal. This will help you to not only overcome the fear of disappointing results but also develop an optimistic attitude towards the exam process.

Number 5: Improve memory retention

Now that fear and anxiety have been dealt with, let us explore the more brainy problems you might face. One such problem is memory. There are times during the exam when you feel stuck with a concept that has already been covered but you are still unable to recollect. One of the most important benefits of meditation is that it provides clarity. A clear mind definitely helps in recalling the correct answers without wandering through the content…and yes, my dear students – This can be achieved by practising meditation for only 5 to 10 minutes every day.

Number 6: Improve Focus and Become immune to distractions:

Unnecessary distractions are another problem. Have you ever been distracted by something silly so much that it just doesn’t let you focus on your studies? For example, some relative walked into your study room and taunted you?

Meditation comes along as a saviour here as well. It not only helps you overcome distractions but also increases self-awareness and helps you regain your confidence.

Number 7: Think Clearly, Improve logic and creativity

What about the challenges you face in solving questions? The key to solving them is to apply logic in the right manner. Meditation done right can help you solve problems that need logic and creativity. With a calm and clear mind, you can accept challenges and indulge in finding solutions for even the toughest unresolved questions by applying logic.

Number 8: Develop Advanced Thinking capability

One of the most trivial exam strategies is decoding the analytical based questions of CSIR and GATE. This can be done through the regular practice of meditation which enables cognitive development or advanced thinking.

Number 9: Maintain calm in tough situations

Meditation is the oldest and most effective remedy for any tough situation. It helps people be more virtuous and compassionate about any field of study. A calm mind during the exam is the key to your success in the exam.

Number 10: Helps you Adapt to any situation

Only A healthy mind can reside in a healthy body and vice versa is also true. If the mind is focused and clear, nothing can stop you from clearing the exams. Like Bruce Lee says, empty your mind. Become formless and shapeless like water. This is the goal of meditation. To adapt yourself to any situation and overcome it.

Bonus Tip: Improve your Sleep

As they say, the sharper the brain, the better the grades! And one of the things that can help you have a sharp brain is good sleep. Most of you face anxiety or sleeplessness due to unnecessary fear of examinations, but believe me – meditation is a life-saving pill that improves the quality of sleep so that we wake up feeling refreshed and our minds will be ready to receive information without getting bored or tired!

That’s all guys….I hope you got boosted with all of these pointers which we discussed today and I am confident that you all have understood the power of Meditation especially Meditation For Exam Stress and will start practising it right from today. Now the question is how to do meditation – so for that, there are many apps like Headspace and Calm which will help you perform meditation effectively

And yes, don’t forget to share your experiences with us!

Let’s end the session with a beautiful quote by Bin He, a neuro engineer at Carnegie Mellon University-“It seems the longer you do meditation, the better your brain will be at self-regulation’’.

Thank you.

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