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Is Kids’ Immune Systems More Robust Against COVID? – Voice of Biotecnika

Hello & Welcome to Voice of Biotecnika, This is Nidhi, your host for today’s podcast. Let’s begin this podcast with some good news to share. Believe me, it brings me an extreme feeling of pleasure to share that during this worst COVID – 19 pandemic state, a big relief so far was, virtuous children have largely been spared severe SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19 infection. So guys, a big question is – what made the most deadly virus of the century to give up before the kids?

This has actually left the scientists in a state of bafflement – what could be the possible reason to kids’ immune systems being better equipped to disconnect from SARS-CoV-2 than are adults? Finding a solution to this maze may emerge as a critical milestone against the life snatching virus.

Let’s make it clear – It is unlikely that there is one exclusive explanation for why Kids Immunity to COVID is more robust than adults. After all, we can’t deny the fact that  “Biology is rarely so simple”. Right ?

However, comprehending

the underlying age-related differences in the severity of COVID-19 will deliver important insights and opportunities for prevention and treatment, not only for COVID-19 but for possible future pandemics as well.

So let’s keep our fingers crossed and pray to God that though pandemic may be a disturbing prospect today, the magical childhood should be sustained all carefree and playful in our future too as it has been there for centuries.

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