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Is Self-medication linked to Black fungus risk?

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I am your host Dr Tanushree and Today in this podcast I’m going to talk about “Self-medication”, a topic that has raised concerns not only in India but all over the world. Many of us are in the habit of taking medicines on our own or on the advice of any Family member, friend or neighbour without consulting a doctor to treat self-diagnosed conditions or to self-care of our health. Even suggestions from an advertisement in social media, television or newspapers are some common sources of self-medication. According to the World Health Organization, “Self-medication has been defined as the treatment of self-diagnosed disorders or symptoms by use of medicines either intermittent/continued prescribed by physicians for chronic/recurring disease

It’s good to take care of oneself but Is it safe to self-medicate? The answer is No, self medication is far from being a completely safe practice. Potential risks of self-medication practices include incorrect self-diagnosis, delays in seeking medical advice when needed, infrequent but severe adverse reactions, dangerous drug interactions, incorrect

manner of administration, incorrect dosage just to name a few. 

So, what is Black fungus/Black fungal Infection? Mucormycosis, commonly referred to as black fungus, is a rare type of fungal infection that occurs through exposure to fungi called mucormycetes. These fungi commonly occur in the environment, particularly in leaves, soil, air, compost, and animal dung. There are different types of mucormycosis including rhinocerebral (sinus and brain), pulmonary (lung), gastrointestinal, and cutaneous (skin) mucormycosis. Mucormycetes can enter the body through breathing, inhaling, and exposed wounds in the skin and affects sinuses, brain and lungs.

Why do we need to worry? In India, many people who recovered from COVID-19 died from mucormycosis or COVID-19 survivors who developed mucormycosis in the eye lost their eyesight. The scenario is that several states like Rajasthan declared a mucormycosis epidemic. Black fungal infections have raised several questions like Are there any reports of Black fungus before this Corona Pandemic? or Is it the people suffering from COVID at high risk with Black fungus infections? 

This is it, for now, Stay at Home, Be safe and Healthy and most Importantly Never do self-medication.

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