Human Immortality Research
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Human Immortality Research – Can We Achieve It?

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Jokingly I always say to my colleagues – I am going to live till 2090 and that is when I believe Humanity would have achieved Immortality

Ha ha… Everyone smiles but somewhere I know this is possible

Hello & Welcome to the Voice of BioTecNika, I am your host Urmimala, and today we examine this very fact – Can Humanity achieve immortality

Ironically, this podcast is getting recorded in the mid of the 2nd wave of Coronavirus Pandemic and millions of people are dying, hence it may sound a little illogical, but so was flying a metallic cylinder in the Air – nowadays we call it an Aeroplane. Isn’t it

Coming to the point – Can we really become immortals? And if yes then what are the research approaches we can adopt? Which Biotech companies are working to achieve this? How big is this Immortality market of the future?

The question is if we manage to UNLOCK THE SECRETS TO ETERNAL YOUTH, WHAT WOULD OUR WORLD LOOK LIKE? There may be chaos, the earth would be burdened, life

would be totally different.

On the other hand, if we treat ageing, people can live into their 80’s and 90’s in a much more productive, healthy way.
A lot of money would be saved, which could be put back into medical research, into education, into protecting the environment.

So what do you think? Should humans extend their life expectancy extensively? Will immortality be attainable?

This is a moral dilemma we all think of often, so let’s dive in and see what progress the world has made towards Human Immortality Research and probably we can all find an answer to this question!

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