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Biotech Jobs Without College Placement – How to Get Jobs

How not to depend on Biotech College Campus Placements

In this video, we are going to discuss How not to depend on biotech colleges Campus Placements and get a Job in Biotech Industry faster. And we are starting, Right now

One of the biggest complaints we receive from our Subscribers is – They could not Biotech Jobs Without College Placement and now we are all on our own to look for it.

So today we are going to give you ten points that will help you get placed.

Now the only clear path to your favourite R&D Job is putting in efforts and a desire to Succeed. So if you have both then let’s dive into the 10 Pointers which will help you get a Biotech Jobs Without College Placement Faster and you don’t need to depend on your college placement cell.

NUMBER 1. Watch out for all the Biotech companies’ job openings

While you think of a biotechnology job, you might visualize a person working in a laboratory. But, there are plenty of other opportunities in this field. Keep looking for job opportunities offered by different biotech companies. The companies post their job vacancies on their official website as well as on other job portals. Don’t waste your time or put a lag in searching for a job. So, watch out for all the job openings posted on popular Job Portals like Biotecnika, Linkedin, Naukri, Monster, Indeed etc. For your convenience, we have posted the direct link to the most updated Jobs in Biotech Sector in India as well as global job opportunities. Kindly click the link here.

Number 2. Biotech Internship opportunities

Internships are research-oriented and your first window into the real world. Theory alone will not help you in fetching a good job. Usually, students are hesitant to undergo internships as they worry they will be stuck doing common lab works such as preparing media and autoclaving glassware.

Internships provide you with valuable experience and expertise to secure your dream R&D job in the biotechnology industry. The value of an internship does not change based on whether it’s paid or unpaid; it is always an investment for your future, as they pay in other ways.

Now let’s talk about the Advantages of internships:

  • Internship Increases team-building skills
  • It helps you Improvise your hands-on skills
  • It definitely Boosts your self-confidence
  • It gives you experience and exposure which is required in a Biotech R & D Job
  • It helps you build your own network of friends & peers who support you in your career.
  • And it definitely Adds weight to your resume

Number 3. Participate in paper presentations and Publications

The main advantage of paper presentation is – you will be awarded a certificate, and this certificate counts enormously at the time of the interview. The number of papers you present will help you explore hidden talents in you, and you can notice a positive difference in you. The foremost benefit of the presenting paper is to overcome stage fear and improve communication skills. It also offers you an opportunity to learn in detail about a core subject that is a part of academics and develop effective presentation skills. Yet, with all of the focus on getting papers accepted and the stress of presenting or giving talks, they can seldom seem like a baffling or even scary experience. This, however, should not deter you. If you win a prize in the paper presentation, you will have additional benefits at the time of placements as well as when you are seeking employment.

Advantages of paper presentations & Paper Publications are:

  • You will get to Meet persons who would be willing to collaborate with your work
  • You will get participation Certificates as well as the best Presenter certificate if you win
  • It will definitely boost your Confidence
  • It gives a good impression on your resume and helps you stand out of the crowd

Number 4. Attend international and national conferences

Conferences are an indispensable part of educational life. The purpose of a conference is to unite similar-minded people from around the country/world, to learn, present thoughts, network, share opinions, devise new ideas, and to ignite motivation.

The advantages of attending a conference are diverse for everyone. By attending a conference, you will grow your professional as well as personal side. These events also present you with insightful practical knowledge that can not be conveyed in any other way. Some of the mega conferences in India are the Bengaluru Tech Summit conducted in October-November every year and BioAsia which happens every year in Hyderabad in the month of February and many more.

So let’s summarise the Advantages of conferences:

  • You get to know other people in your field.
  • You hear about the latest research
  • You get to improve your presentation and communication skills

Number 5. Develop your skills, and update yourself on recent technologies

Technical skills are essential for plenty of reasons. They can help you work more effectively, expand your confidence, and make you a more worthy candidate for companies.

Applicants who have technical skills are usually more confident when applying to certain companies than those who do not. Additionally, employees with technical skills are oftentimes more skilled at advanced multitasking in challenging and difficult position. With adequate technical skills, you will be able to converse with co-workers and customers in a better way utilizing your specialist expertise.

Students with more technical skills usually get highly paid. Companies regularly look for proficient employees, as their clients require to work with profoundly skilled people.

In this field of Biotechnology, many skills must be known by every bio technician. A few of the technical skills in this field include Tissue Culture, PCR, Gel Electrophoresis, Western Blot, ELISA, Molecular Gene Cloning, Flow Cytometry, Mass Spectrometry, Confocal Microscopy, Cell-Based Assays, etc.

Benefits of developing your technical skills:

  • Increases employment (Biotech Jobs Without College Placement) opportunities
  • Personal growth
  • Boosts your knowledge

Number 6. Certification courses

Getting a Certification Course has become vital for a student to stand ahead of others.

During hiring, freshers are shortlisted based on their Internship performance, merit scores, etc. However, preference is granted to those applicants who have completed add-on Certification courses. 

Certification Course helps a person showcase his/her competency, involvement in the profession, develop expertise in his/her professional subject field, and aids with job progress. And that is why Biotecnika provides Online Certifications for various Skillsets which can be attended from anywhere in the world and anytime. All you need is a mobile or Laptop with an internet connection. If you wish to enrol then check out the 50+ Certification Courses, the link is given in the description.

Advantages of Certification Course

  • Differentiator against the competition
  • Gives you confidence
  • Experience
  • Establishes you as a continuous learner

Number 7. Personal Branding and professional networking

Did you know that LinkedIn, the professional networking platform, has actually been around longer than Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter? But most of the students don’t use it wisely.

These professional networking platforms provide an unlimited supply of network connections and job opportunities. From seeking a new job to keeping your personal brand, professional networking platforms like LinkedIn are critical in your transformation to a full-fledged professional in any industry.

These platforms give you information about various job opportunities and vacancies. You can directly apply to various jobs from these platforms. Moreover, you can be in contact with different scientists or other personalities whom you meet during conferences and paper presentations. Such networking can help you get internships, jobs, and a lot more.

What can you gain with a profile on the professional networking platform?

  • Job opportunities
  • Build your brand
  • Networking
  • Avenue to exchange ideas
  • Makes you noticeable
  • Avenue for newer opportunities
  • Improves your creative intellect

Number 8. Publish your work in international journals

Now, this sounds difficult & scary to many students, But publishing Research papers have great advantages on your career. All you need to do is get in touch with your favourite teacher in college and seek his or her support on how to publish a paper and on which topic. They will love to guide you in this area.

It is essential to stand out from the crowd. Publishing your research work in top journals will help you with that. This will also help people to connect and collaborate with you. Good papers always help sooner or later. You will get more citations, which in turn can establish you in the field more firmly. Good papers can help you get an academic job and later tenure, promotion in an existing job, admission in top schools, and can help in getting non-academic jobs too.

By writing good quality papers, you can improve your writing skills. You also learn to consolidate your ideas and express them clearly. Not everyone can do that so you will definitely have an advantage. Science progresses when people like you make advancements in their field and publish it; publishing research papers is one such platform to share those novel ideas so that others can utilize and build upon them for the greater welfare of the world.

So let us summarize What will you gain by publishing your research:

  • A chance of getting admission into top colleges
  • Helps in building a professional career
  • Improves writing skill
  • Helps in knowledge up-gradation
  • Teaches you about the literature survey
  • Adds value to resume

Number 9. Be Agile & Always be ready to adapt to the situation

As a Fresher, Don’t evolve but you need to plan your evolution, plan your career and then proceed ahead as per the plan and adaptation must the in the DNA of your Plan so that you can change your directions as and when required by the industry.

Adaptability implies – the ability to instantly respond to changing trends, innovation, destabilization, industry shifts, etc. This ability to adjust or shift makes an employee agile, and that is necessary as currently, most companies are in some phase of flux.

Every company is a conspiracy to create a dent in the Universe with its product and services, to make that happen, companies expect people to be agile and ready to change direction as technology changes or the company environment transforms. For example, today, you do things by hand; 5 years later, AI-powered robots will be assisting you. So if you cannot adapt, you are going to lose the opportunities. You have to adapt as you progress in your career, and you have to be ready to demonstrate your ability during the interview that you are agile, flexible, and have the ability to adapt.

Number 10. Utilize government initiatives

The Biggest company in any Country is Its Government. As of today, Our Indian Government is focused on making the Indian biotechnology sector reach USD 100 billion by 2025. Presently, India’s biotech industry holds 2% of the global market share and is the 3rd largest in the Asia-Pacific region. The sector has tremendous potential to develop and contributes a plethora of opportunities to investors.

There are many initiatives by the Indian government like Make In India, Skill India, and Impacting Research Innovation and Technology (IMPRINT – INDIA). Try to make use of these initiatives to upskill yourself.

The government has set up 500+ Labs and they are always looking to hire skilled manpower for it. To progress in this direction you need to write Various entrance exams such as CSIR NET, GATE, DBT BET exam, ICMR JRF, ARS NET, and many more. If you are looking for assistance on these exams then be sure to subscribe to our channel and our website www.biotecnika.org

Biotecnika Stores has many courses and books which can help you clear these exams, check out the link given in the description to know more!

One Additional Tip I would like to give you is: You must be flexible with the location of the Job. Since most Biotech & Pharma companies are concentrated in Karnataka, Telangana, Gujarat & Himachal Pradesh, you must be willing to move out of your current location to give Interviews in these locations.

So there you have it, Top 10 pointers that will help you get Biotech Jobs Without College Placement if your college is unable to provide you with opportunities.

Remember the Mantra to survive in this Industry – You need to think out of the box, you need to find your own path. There will be negative people who could not find their Success paths and they will say there is no career, no scope. But if you have the courage to make your own Path – then BioPharma Industry is the right choice. Never Settle for less and never give up. The Biopharma Universe is calling you. Are you listening?

All the Best!

And thanks for checking out How to get Biotech Jobs Without College Placements!

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