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Benefits of Reading Research Papers – Must Watch For Scientists

The Moment it comes to Reading Research papers, most students and researchers find it boring, and today we want to simplify this process so that you start finding it interesting. Let us discuss the top ten benefits of Reading research papers and how they can make you a better researcher and a more effective BioScientist.

Let’s Get Started

One of the things I have learned in my life is: Love what you do and love what you have to do.

So let us find out how we can make reading Research papers Interesting and the benefits of reading research papers. Starting with:

Number 1: To enhance basic knowledge of scientific facts – Now, even if you are a novice student or an advanced application scientist, the basic knowledge is always helpful, and that helps your neurons to wire together, and then only they can fire together to achieve greater results in the future. It’s vital to read research papers and journals to brush up on your basics.

Number 2: To gain familiarity with commonly used or specific subject-based scientific tools and techniques:

When you want to learn something new, you

have to start from A to reach Z, so if you want to learn anything new in your field, always start with the latest research articles and research papers, this will increase your familiarity with scientific tools and techniques and also help you develop scientific temperament and attitude which is ultra necessary for doing research.

Number 3: To remain updated with the progressive nature of scientific research fields or their topical problems.

Now you have to know that the business of Science is a rapidly moving wheel interconnected with several other wheels. And that means you need to keep yourself updated with the latest developments, and reading Research papers helps you do just that.

Number 4: Provides guidance over planning and designing a research experiment or preparing a manuscript knowing the standard chronological structure to be followed.

Now, if you have ever researched in a Lab, you know how important it is to stay organized, follow SOPs, and plan as well as design your experiments. When you read a research paper, you are essentially reading the chronologically ordered structure of someone’s experiments, and this helps you design your own experiment.

Number 5: Improves scientific literacy, which will aid in writing and compiling research papers in the future

As a Research scholar, someday you will have to publish your own research, and that means you need to be scientifically literate about how things are done; of course, there are courses on Scientific writing by Biotecnika which can help you do just that, however, benefits of Reading research papers more and more helps you develop this scientific knowledge & literacy.

Number 6: Improves critical thinking abilities by looking at how the author has performed or presented the research.

Now, as I said earlier, Neurons that wire together fire together, when you read research papers, develop scientific temperament, develop aptitude which is built upon the experimental approaches of others, and this not just enhances your researching capabilities but also your research capabilities helps you accelerate your experiment speed. Double benefits of doing just one thing – reading research papers.

Number 7: To get a comprehension of the rankings and impact factors of renowned scientific journals.

When you refer to research papers from multiple sources, multiple journals, you develop deep domain expertise, domain understanding. Also, you get to know the rankings and impact factors of various renowned journals. This helps you apply to the right Journal whenever you decide to write and submit your own research paper to these journals.

Number 8: To gather scientific literature evidence in context with your area or topic of research.

This is a No Brainer. Actually, this is the only reason most people read research papers. You will be able to gather credible scientific evidence to support your own research by citing research papers of others in your area of interest.

Number 9: Helps to get expertise in exploring academic databases PubMed or other search engines using exact keywords.

Now, this is a famous line I always say to my colleagues in BioTecNika, And that is if you do not ask the right questions, even google can’t give you the right answers. And that means you need to develop deep expertise in choosing the right keywords while researching Pubmed and other academic databases. The more you read, the more benefits of Reading research papers you get and the better you become at it. That’s called the Double Bonanza offer.

Number 10: Helps in building and strengthening formal connections with other researchers sharing common research interests.

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Now every research paper has the contact email address of the researcher who published that paper. Now, this is a huge networking opportunity: you can send an email congratulating the researcher who wrote that paper, you can even ask relevant questions, and of course, you can connect with them on LinkedIn. I will tell you my story – So when I was researching a particular topic, I bumped into a Postdoctoral student from Sweden, we became friends; later on, he joined BioTecNika and taught our students for many years. So that means a lot can happen over many research papers and—we, of course, a cup of coffee.

So there you have it, benefits of Reading research papers and why you should start reading research papers today, and now you will ask how to get access to it – It’s effortless – just ask your professor, colleagues, or university librarian, they will guide you through.

However, if you have more questions on this topic, please ask us below, and we will be right here to help you. Thanks again for watching this video, and I will see you again in the next one.


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