Secrets of CSIR NET Exam – CSIR NET Effort Vs Success

Remember that famous Rahul Gandhi Speech where he says Aap Aaloo daaloge sona Niklega, something similar we keep telling all our students – keep putting efforts, results will definitely come, but today I am going to tell you that it’s not how it seems to be. Aap aloo daloge to sona nahi niklega.

Jokes apart, Let me start today’s video by asking you a question: Do you think More Effort in studies leads to More Success in CSIR NET? Is the Effort Versus Success Graph linear? So Let’s talk about hard work vs smart work in CSIR NET today. Let’s get started

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At Biotecnika, we have an education innovation lab. We are always researching topics like these and what we found out is: More effort does not lead to success; instead, more effort in the right direction with the right tools leads to success faster. So today I want to share the Top 20 Secrets of CSIR NET Exam to correct your direction to success and help you achieve success faster

Secret number 1:

No student is a bad student, It’s just that you have not met the right teacher yet

Secret Number 2:

If you find a Book boring or a Topic boring then it’s not your fault. It’s the book’s fault as well.

Secret Number 3:

You don’t need to make your own notes for every topic, you can buy notes but you need to personalize it and that means to read from it, scribble on it and customize it as per your requirements.

Secret Number 4:

You can study better, retain longer and recall faster but you don’t need to evolve for that with your studies, you need to plan your studies – Now remember Charles darwin’s Theory of Evolution – Evolution took more than 10,000 years but you don’t have 10,000 years to evolve as a student so the best shortcut available to you is to plan your studies. Planning definitely cuts down your time and helps you execute better.

Secret Number 5:

Studying is not a task you do, Learning is a skill you need to learn first

Secret Number 6:

5 Topics that interests you will help you qualify, not 50 topics that you dislike to study. Always Apply Pareto Principle while studying

Secret Number 7:

Seek learning Concepts, Not a JRF Rank or a Lecturership qualification – Success will come your way anyways. Remember CSIR NET is not your Goal, It is a path to your goal but learning concepts is the fuel to your vehicle no matter which path you choose or which vehicle you opt for

Secret Number 8:

Understand that you can outsmart your Competitor in CSIR NET or GATE exams ethically with the help of Study Tools


Secret Number 9:

You are not going to learn by studying 18 hrs a day, you are going to learn by acting like your heart: Learn – rest – Learn – rest – learn

Secret Number 10

Don’t write CSIR NET exam because society wants you to write it, write because you love doing research in the Life Science field

Secret number 11

Arm yourself with Specific Knowledge about a subject that you love and care for, Remember your aim should be to become a great scientist and not to just qualify for an exam. CSIR NET is a rocket that will propel you towards your goal but don’t get confused that CSIR NET is your goal.

Secret number 12:

Your good fortune in CSIR NET is dependent on your leverage, your advantage – CSIR NET Study Tools are your leverage over your competitors.

Secret Number 13:

A Top rank in CSIR NET will only impress your parents and friends but not your interviewers, your Love for the subject is what will impress them.

Secret number 14:

Qualifying for a competitive exam requires experience, you can either write the exam several times, fail several times and then gain experience or join a coaching company and learn from their experience. Choice is yours

Secret Number 15:

There is no such thing as FREE Classes – If someone is giving you free classes on Youtube then it’s just an advertisement and hope that you will join their paid classes someday. So don’t sit in the myth of FREE, you were not born for FREE, even your death will cost you. So don’t run behind free, pay, and get the best services available. You spent so much for your normal university degree exam, spending a few thousand rupees will not cost much but if you qualify you will be a winner. Winning matters, Money can be earned back. Time cannot


Secret Number 16:

Study as hard as you can. Even though who you study with and who teaches you are more important than how hard you study.

Secret Number 17:

There are no get-JRF-quick schemes. Those are just someone else getting rich off you

Secret Number 18:

Apply specific knowledge, with leverage of Study tools, and eventually, you will get what you deserve – A JRF or LS

Secret Number 19:

Don’t just target a qualification such as JRF or LS, target to become an applied scientist. Applied Scientists are the most powerful people in the world. This will be more obvious in the coming years.

Secret Number 20:

The World will not come and award you a PhD after CSIR NET, you gotta earn it but first, you got to learn it. The best jobs are neither decreed nor degreed. They are creative expressions of continuous learners in free markets


PLAY LONG TERM GAMES WITH LONG TERM PEOPLE, Biotecnika is here for the Long term, your career is a Long term game, Let’s play it together and help you achieve your desired CSIR NET JRF or Lecturership qualification. Because your success is our achievement.

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