Patent Rights On COVID Vaccine

Patent Rights On COVID Vaccine – Should It Be Nulled Be Voided?

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The need for accessible and affordable healthcare has never been more crucial. Millions are getting infected, thousands of people dying every day from the novel coronavirus, especially in India due to the roaring second wave. The situation is volatile – the Healthcare system teetering on the edge; pandemic-stricken countries like India are facing an inevitable shortage of medical supplies that may not be controlled until the majority population receives vaccination against novel coronavirus to develop herd immunity.

Although the advancement in science has enabled the development of vaccines in a record span of time to contain and combat the novel coronavirus and its multiple mutants. Yet, despite these developments we are still fighting a battle on many fronts- one being Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

The entire world is facing a Global Health Emergency and there is an urgent need to Vaccinate the population.

So we decided to take our listeners into this deep dive and see how and why we should, and why we must nullify the patents on the COVID Vaccine, and why we must open-source the IPR – We believe human life should be given priority over monetary profits.

Tune in to the podcast and do share your views in the comment section. Let’s Unite and spread this word till it gets to the ears of the Pharma Giants.

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