Molecular Cloning Certification Course

You must have heard the terms Molecular Cloning or Gene cloning, a common concept in Molecular Biology.

In 1973, Researchers Stanley Cohen and Herbert Boyer developed techniques to make recombinant DNA, a form of artificial DNA. Since then, Gene Cloning, which identifies a piece of DNA and makes multiple copies of it, has become a routine.

Researchers use this technique to create copies of a particular gene for downstream applications, such as sequencing, mutagenesis, genotyping, or heterologous expression of a protein, and many more.

The main goal of Molecular Cloning is to take a gene of interest from one plasmid and insert it into another plasmid. This is done by performing PCR, digestive reaction, ligation reaction, and transformation. This technique is crucial after isolation; Molecular Clones can generate many copies of the DNA to analyze the gene sequence or express the resulting protein for the study of the protein’s function.

Biotecnika’s Online Certification Course on Molecular Cloning is for students pursuing Undergraduate or Postgraduate studies. This course provides candidates an opportunity to learn about this cutting-edge technology. Students interested in research in Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, and Medicine must enroll.

Takeaways from the course

  • The Molecular Cloning course begins by discussing the procedure for isolating specific genes.
  • Topics like the construction of the genomic library, the screening process of the genomic library, and the cDNA library will be made clear. Therefore, the different analytical tools which can be used for the process of screening will be analyzed.
  • The course then explains the development and history of PCR and the different events required when setting up the reaction.
  • You will also learn about DNA replication and primers.
  • You will become familiar with the technical aspects of the PCR and the reagents that are important for this to occur.
  • You will also gain an understanding of the process of primer designing by the end of the course.

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Perks of taking up Certification Course from Biotecnika

  • On successful completion of the course, get a certificate which will amp up your CV.
  • The course comes with lifetime validity and flexible timings. Study anytime from anywhere.
  • Self-evaluation test at the end of the course to check on your progress.
  • This course is a wonderful opportunity to gain more knowledge in Molecular cloning techniques and the science involved.
  • Mastering these techniques will open up various opportunities in different research areas.

Gene Cloning Certification Course

So, register for this certification course and start your next learning journey today.

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