CSIR NET Master Plan

Success doesn’t come easy. It is a result of Vision, hard work, and long-term commitment.

Hello everyone, This is Shekhar and today let us talk about How to create your own master plan for CSIR NET & GATE Exams.

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Now even before you jump in, you should know that these exams are more of a mental battle than a battle in the exam hall. The reason why some people keep cracking it year after year while some people struggle to clear it is that they ignore this mental battle.

When you are aiming to crack a tough examination Like CSIR NET or GATE, just reading the books and hoping to clear is not enough. There are times you begin your preparation but the huge syllabus might terrify you and you leave your preparation halfway.

Now you cannot start a battle without a battle plan, you should not start your preparation if you do not have a plan in mind.

Only with a clear plan, you will be motivated enough to try every day and ultimately reach your goal. That is to crack the CSIR NET Exam.

– The Mental Battle

Let’s start with the 1st step – Mental Battle

Now remember I told you, to qualify in this exam first you need to win the mental battle and this To make an effective plan first you need to keep these points in mind

Number 1 – Understand why you are taking up the exam?
Number 2 – Set your goals high and write them down.
Number 3: Align your studying habits so that it helps you achieve your goals

Once your goals are clear you need to create a system to support them and achieve them.

– The Preparation Battle

I am going to divide this system for you into 2 Crucial parts:

Number 1: Picking on Important Topics for Revision

  • You will have to decide on the topics which are your strengths & weaknesses and how much time you would want to allot to both of them in the next 100 days
  • Planning your time and sticking to it plays a crucial part to tackle the entire syllabus.

Number 2: Study Tools for Revising

Once this action plan is ready, then you will have to decide on the right material and guidance. The choice you make now determines the results in the upcoming days.

You can either rely on your own notes or notes from your Coaching classes and if you are not enrolled yet you can join BioTecNika’s iNET Crash Course batch which started recently.

You can also either go for Konceptika Flowchart Books or flashcards for the CSIR NET exam which will be very helpful in your revision

At Biotecnika, We provide expert-driven classes, Study materials, test series, and Quick NET Revisor Kits that are not only exam-oriented but also target your all-round development as a future researcher.

– The Exam Battle

No this is the 3rd and Most important aspect of your Preparation plan, Whatever you do in those 3 hrs of your exam decides your course of action after the exam. If you qualify then you are very well going into a CSIR Lab and doing a Ph.D. and if it fails then you are going to repeat your preparation plan all over again.

Now If you want to have a well-laid-out exam writing strategy then you need to mimic exam-like conditions. Joining an Online test Series such as AIMNET by Biotecnika will help you a lot in mimicking the exam-like conditions. The More you Mimic, the better you get at it.

Remember when I say Mimic that means you are going to create actual exam like conditions around you – that is you have to sit in an isolated place of your house without any distractions such as Smart Phones etc and inform your family members that you are going to take up an Exam so no one should disturb you.

So Mimic is the Trick if you want to win the exam battle.

Now whenever you are attempting the Online tests, remember you are not just there to attempt every possible question, instead you are also practicing Decision making – that is which questions to pick and which ones to leave. So watch out for the CSIR NET Decision-making webinar which we did recently. It will help you identify Trap questions, Tempting questions, and Easy questions and also help you reduce negative marking.

We are giving away a FREE CSIR NET Master plan so that You don’t need to spend hours to make a study plan now. Our experts have strategically designed this master plan keeping in mind all the difficult topics, important topics, etc. All you need to do is make up your mind and kick start your preparation.

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Make the most of these exam preparation days, with the right master plan you can tackle CSIR NET in one go!

Always remember the key to success is to focus on the goals, not on the obstacles. Design a System of Good habits around your Goal Attainment.

Many hurdles may arise but with sheer determination, you can overcome them all.

If you are looking for guidance for your CSIR NET Preparation reach out to our team on the toll-free number 1800-1200-1818 and we will be happy to help you out.

Shekhar Suman is the CEO & Managing Director of BioTecNika Info Labs Pvt Ltd, An avid reader who is passionate about Bio Sciences and has gifted us BioTecNika