CSIR NET Exam Beginner Preparation – 10 Things To Know If You’re Starting

10 things to know if you are CSIR NET Exam Beginner who is starting preparation for the first time, this time.

The start is always Sacred, It’s the most important part of your preparation plan. And it must be perfect. So Today we will be discussing 10 things that you must know if you want to start your CSIR NET Exam Beginner Preparation for the 1st time.

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Let’s Get Started

Number 1: Know the CSIR syllabus & Its Breakup Properly– Take a printout of the CSIR NET Syllabus on a Bond paper, Review the complete CSIR syllabus for your subject. Check for all the topics which you have covered before during your Masters’s degree and others which you need to work on.

Number 2: Important Units and Topics– After reviewing the syllabus, find out the important units and topics which can be evaluated by analyzing the previous year’s question papers. You can also make the selection based on your academic background, expertise, and interest. For your benefit, we have given a link below this video which has the entire CSIR NET Life Sciences Syllabus divided into important units with Unitwise Weighage. Download it after watching this video. Link is given in the description

Number 3: Learn Exam pattern – Since the CSIR NET exam has been transformed to CBT or computer mode, it is super essential to thoroughly check for the exam pattern, which you can do by taking Mock tests available on the NTA website or joining any Test Series such as AIMNET Test Series by BioTecNika.

Number 4: Gather Reference Books – Now there are more than 15 Standard reference Books for this exam. Try to obtain all the standard reference books – You can find the list of Standard reference Books and their cost etc at the link given below., If you don’t possess or afford hard copies you can always go for e-Copies. However, since these will be big pdf files, so it will be very difficult to study Online using a PDF viewer so I will always recommend you to invest some money in buying Top 5-7 Standard Reference Books or you can always take the help of Biotecnika’s Printed Study material for the same. An investment in education pays the best interests, so do not hesitate in buying Good Standard reference books or Study Materials

Number 5: Exam Updates & Form Filling procedure– Now, The Worst News we can expect from any student is: they missed applying for the exam because no one informed them. Now You are living in the era of Information technology, and With Biotecnika Website & App within your reach, this is something that must never happen. So Please subscribe to BiotecNika’s Email Newsletter Popularly called Biotecnika Times and we will inform you whenever the notification or any news related to CSIR NET comes. This service is absolutely free for you all.

Number 6: Previous Year Question papers– Now if you really want to understand the type of questions that can be asked from each section of the question paper then having your personal copy of the CSIR NET Previous Year question paper is a must. The Questions asked in CSIR NET exam are more research-oriented, so Graduation or post-graduation concepts are not enough. You must do 3 things after taking a printout of the last 10 years’ question papers.

  • Number 1 – Analyse the Question paper Pattern
  • Number 2 – Practice Question solving after completing every Unit
  • Number 3 – Practice Decision making on which questions to solve and which questions to skip to avoid negative marking, Always Remember – Knowledge is of no use unless you put it into practice.

Number 7: Know your strengths and weaknesses– SWOT Analysis or analyzing your Strength, weaknesses opportunities to prepare smarter, and Threats to your preparation must be analyzed and you must focus on your strengths to score marks and work on your weaknesses to make them your strength. Select the topics of study according to this rule and also according to the weightage of the syllabus, Be aware of the threats to your preparation and learn opportunities on how you can prepare smarter and better,

Number 8: Correlation of similar units– Whenever you study, remember that the Units of the CSIR NET Life Sciences Syllabus are interrelated so you must also study similar units together. Relating similar units helps you to study and recall easily. For your help, we have another video to guide you on this. . You will find the link in the video description below.

Number 9: How to manage time– All time management begins with planning Now it is Super essential to divide your time into 3 slots per day: Keep the Ist slot for studies, the second one for revision, and the third for solving the Qs papers every day. Generally, Students invest time for the first 2 criteria but ignore the last. But until and unless they solve a few CSIR NET papers entirely within the time they will not understand the time distribution during the exam. So in the last month at least they should keep this point in their timetable. Remember that Revision and practising questions go hand in hand with CSIR NET exam preparation – If you don’t want to end up in an utter failure in your first attempt even after preparation, then make a habit of revision on a daily basis, and constant question practising from previous year question papers and mock tests like Toughnet Question bank by Biotecnika or AIMNET Online Test Series by BioTecNika.

Number 10: Last & Most Important Point is Study tricks for easy learning and memorization, and smart tools to aid in better and faster revision – Now It is important to take guidance from experts, as they will help in understanding concepts of important topics of the vast syllabus in a very short time. Also, it’s a MUST to use smart tools such as Flashcards, Flowcharts such as Konceptika Flowchart Book, summary tables to aid in better retention of concepts.

So these are 10 Important points to consider if you are starting your CSIR NET Exam Preparation for the first time.

However, this list is neither an exhaustive one nor a complete list. There are many more elements to your preparation which we keep discussing in our Live Webinars and Online coaching sessions, So if you are not enrolled with us then consider subscribing to our Youtube channel or enrolling with our experts in BioTecNika CSIR NET Online Coaching Course.

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