CSIR Life Science Concepts – Revise Faster With Biotecnika’s Koncept Table

Have you ever bought a mobile phone on amazon? So how do you buy? You compare the features and then you make a decision. But something amazing happens in the middle of this. You end up remembering every feature of all the phones you compared. Now, this happened to me in the real world and I am going to tell you an amazing story and an amazing learning experience today. Let’s get started!

So the story which I wanted to share with you was this: We were sitting in Biotecnika headquarters and one of my colleagues asked me which phone he should buy and everyone jumped in with their expert opinion. I was amazed. So to make things simpler we opened Amazon and started looking for all the phones recommended in that budget.

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Now at the bottom of the mobile phone description, they have this amazing table where all the features of all the phones are compared. So using that table we concluded and bought the best phone for him. Now let me tell you what happened a week after this incident. Another colleague walked in and asked the same question and I remembered every phone, every feature of every phone, and I could guide him without opening amazon. He was pretty impressed but that’s when I realized tables are an excellent study tool. So I jumped out of my chamber, reached out to all the experts who do research on educational tools at Biotecnika, and asked: if we can have this kind of thing for our students? Now that was a year ago, and fast forward to today:

I want to introduce you to one amazing study tool which is the outcome of this story. It’s the result of months of research and experimentation. It is an amazing outcome of CSIR Life Science Concepts planning and efforts put in by the innovators at our Education Lab for every CSIR NET Aspirant. – Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys, and girls, we proudly announce the launch of another feature-rich Study tool for the CSIR NET exam: The KONCEPT TABLE

The Koncept Table book comprises the most important concepts from the CSIR NET Point of view. This colorful book consists of 300+ tables from the 13 Units of the syllabus. Now revise CSIR Life Science Concepts faster.

You might wonder, why study from a Koncept table instead of standard notes?

There are 4 Advantages of studying from a Table:

  • Quick conceptual grasping due to comparison
  • Simplification of information in a tabular view
  • Improved Analytical Power
  • Cross-referencing concepts helps remember better

Now let me give you an example: Suppose you are studying Prokaryotic Replication and Eukaryotic Replication

You have all the Important points compared in a table format like- The site of replication, the enzymes involved, which phase of the cell cycle is occurring…all these points are listed, and you can now compare them and study the concept. When you compare and study, the chances of forgetting the concept becomes very less.

Because when you compare, you correlate and when you correlate, your Neurons wire together and they get programmed to fire together.

Similarly, we have designed Tabular notes for all the important topics from all 13 CSIR NET Life sciences units. And that’s what makes it a revolutionary Book.

At Biotecnika, We firmly believe that No Student is a bad student.

Give any student the right tools and right mix of motivation, he or she will achieve more than what he or she planned to achieve.

We present to you this revolutionary study aid Koncept Table- That will add more value to your preparations and ease the burden of the CSIR NET syllabus.

You can order your own copy now through the link given below:

KONCEPT Table For CSIR NET Life Science Exam

You will also receive the E-copy on the Biotecnika Study portal which you can access anytime from anywhere and of course, you will also receive unlimited support from our team for all your doubts.

So do not delay, order your Koncept table Book today. Prepare smart and be the extraordinary student you are destined to be.

Shekhar Suman is the CEO & Managing Director of BioTecNika Info Labs Pvt Ltd, An avid reader who is passionate about Bio Sciences and has gifted us BioTecNika